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Under consideration Windows RS-232/bluetooth GPS support like in EV3

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EasyVFR3 for windows has the option to specify GPS data is to obtained from an RS232 / bluetooth port. The same implementation should be done in EV4


Heli.Lamb Heli.Lamb 4 April 2019 12:53

that would be excellent. I use the centrafuse localizer service ( to allow EVFR to use the built-in GPS in a windows 12" tablet when I'm not flying with a pilot aware.

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I already missed this feature in EV4 and could not find it. This connectivity is THE point which makes your product different to others and very helpful. You should implement it asap.


Problem is everybody has some feature that should be implemented asap ;-). We'll do our best, upvoting helps 😉



The RS232 GPS (via Bluetooth) is very important on Windows Notebooks. Otherwise EasyVFR4 is not useable on those Devices.

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