ANC Finland 1:500.000 VFR chart 2023 (20APR2023)

The official ANC VFR ICAO chart for Finland by Karttakauppa. All regions are stitched together in a 1:500.000 resolution, covering the whole of Finland in a single chart.

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ANC aeronautical charts is a chart series covering the whole of Finland (ANC 1:500 000). Designed to serve the requirements of visual air navigation. This product is the 1:500.000 covering the whole of Finland in a single chart. After purchase directly downloadable within the EasyVFR app.

Changes to the maps after their publication must be checked on the page of the Aviation Information Service under AIS products and services > Corrections to ANC maps. The page also contains explanations of the symbols in A4 size. Corrections, if necessary, will also be published by NOTAM, see Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB). The EasyVFR app database, that makes the chart interactive, is updated every 28-days following the AIRAC cycle.

When the purchased chart is replaced by a successor chart from the chart supplier Karttakeskus, the old chart will no longer be available for download or recovery within the EasyVFR app or any other delivery method. Charts that are downloaded within the EasyVFR app will remain usable, provided that: no successor chart is purchased; the chart file or the entire app is not deleted.

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Delivery Methode

Download from website to EFIS USB stick, Download within EasyVFR 4 app, Export from EasyVFR 4 app to EFIS USB stick

Necessary Plan

EasyVFR Essential, EasyVFR Live, EasyVFR Pro, Frequent Flyer Membership


EasyVFR 3, EasyVFR 4, Dynon SkyView, MGL Avionics

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