DATABAZE LETIST Czech and Slovakian VFR Plates – (One-time Dealer Update)

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DATABÁZE LETIŠŤ includes the complete English VFR flight guide for the Czech and Slovak Republics. We georeferenced the VFR plates for you so you can easily select and place them over your basemap and see your location on them. You can use them in our EasyVFR 3 and 4 apps and even on one Dynon SkyView or MGL iEFIS!

Zusätzliche Informationen

Nececery license

EasyVFR Live, Standard, Pro or Frequent Flyer Membership


EasyVFR 4, Dynon SkyView, MGL Avionics

Country and Region Coverage

Czech Republic (Czechia), Slovakia

Necessary Plan

EasyVFR Pro, Frequent Flyer Membership

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