DFS Germany VFR Plates

84,95 inc. VAT / year

12 months access to the complete set of DFS plates for EasyVFR, georeferenced where possible, to overlay on your Charts.

The plates can also be used on your Dynon and MGL EFIS when you have a valid Frequent Flyer Membership license.

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Most German airfields don't have the approach plate or 'anflugkarte' which in other European countries is available for free in the AIP. We georeferenced them for you so you can easily select and place them over your basemap and see your location on it. You can use them in our EasyVFR 3 and 4 app and even on one Dynon SkyView or MGL iEFIS!

  • License
    This DFS approach plate add-on is a yearly subscription.
    If you cancel the subscription, you can keep the plates already downloaded on your device's but you can't update or recover them anymore.
  • Runs on
    All EasyVFR 3 and 4 licences and is compatible EFIS' by Dynon SkyView and MGL Avionics.
  • Delivery method
    Electronic / Download from within the software.
  • Update cycle
    Published in line with the 28 day AIRAC cycle and in between when available.

Additional information

Nececery license

EasyVFR Standard or Frequent Flyer Membership


EasyVFR 4, Dynon SkyView, MGL Avionics


EasyVFR 3, EasyVFR 4, Dynon SkyView, MGL Avionics


In combination with the Frequent Flyer Membership, you get a ?15 discount on the yearly subscriptions.

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