Unleash the power of your Dynon SkyView!

Congratulations! Your Dynon dealer/maintenance organization has updated your Dynon SkyView unit with the latest Aerodata by EasyVFR. A smart decision. After all, what use is such an advanced piece of equipment without the latest aviation data to rely on?

New data becomes available every 28 days as per the international AIRAC schedule. Updating your Dynon SkyView usually requires an active data subscription with us.

However, your Dynon dealer already paid for a year, so you don’t have to subscribe right away. We are happy to provide you with Aerodata updates for the rest of the licensing year. Please fill out the below form to proceed:

Request access to the AeroData updates for your SkyView that your Dealer paid for this year

F.A.Q. on our data types and use for your SkyView.

What data do we have for Dynon SkyView?


This contains all important data such as airspaces, airports, waypoints, obstacles and radio frequencies. It can be updated with our Dynon data subscription with coverage of EU, USA, Canada Australia and New Zealand.

Airport VFR Plates (optional)

With approach plates on your Dynon, flying VFR approach procedures at unfamiliar airports becomes very easy. You can use the approach plates as basemap in your navigation display, allowing you to fly over them and fly the procedure exactly as required.
All VFR Approach Plates available in Europe in the public domain are installed on your Dynon Skyview and can be updated with our Dynon licence.

Charts (optional)

You can install VFR charts as base maps for the navigation panel on your Dynon Skyview. These include many well-known ICAO VFR charts as well as our own EasyVFR 4 chart. Installation of these VFR charts is optional – your Dynon Skyview works perfectly without them. But with these charts, you can navigate using the VFR charts you are familiar with.
All charts are available as a separate purchase in our webshop, but require an active Dynon data subscription for installation.

How does the installation of updates work?

You do not have to be an IT-wizard to update your own Dynon Skyview. There are two update methods available:


An update is delivered to your computer through Dropbox. When a new dataset is ready, we’ll send you an email message to inform you an update is available. All there is for you to do is copy & paste the Dropbox folder onto the USB-drive that comes with your Dynon and plug it in your Dynon Skyview the next time you go flying!

EasyVFR app (not for the data package of your dealer)

Plug the USB drive that comes with your Dynon in your iPad, PC, Android device or Mac. The EasyVFR app installs the latest update automatically on the USB drive. Once the update is completed, plug the stick into your Dynon Skyview the next time you go flying!

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