Air Million South UK England 500k 2024 (16MAY2024)

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AIR MILLION ZOOM the 1: 500,000 scale map of southern England and Wales!

Quickly discover this map which covers the whole of southern England and Wales on a double-sided sheet at 1: 500,000. The map contains all the AIP information necessary for the flight: airspace from SFC to FL180, controlled areas and restricted areas, aerodromes, radio facilities etc.

All with the new AIRMILLION ZOOM graphic charter, for maximum clarity and simplicity.

We have georeferenced the chart so you can use it as a moving map in the EasyVFR apps. This chart can also be used on any Dynon SkyView EFIS or Advanced Flight System 5000-series display.

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This brand new map covers at a scale of 1: 5,000,000 of southern England and Wales.

The AIR MILLION ZOOM range retains the same characteristics as the million cards (graphic charter, format, finish, etc.).

On the other hand, these maps will offer greater precision as to the geographic background and the aeronautical overlay.

Air Million Zoom Southern England & Wales is the perfect Million Card supplement for all your UK flights.

All the information necessary for daytime VFR flight is included:

  • Airspace from SFC to FL180;
  • All controlled areas from class A to E
  • All restricted areas (restricted, dangerous, prohibited, military training areas, etc.)
  • More than 200 aerodromes, AIP, private or ULM sites
  • Radionavigation resources (VOR, VORDME and NDB)
  • Obstacles to navigation (> 400 ft)
  • Reporting points and VFR routes


Air Million

Edition 2024

License and usability
This chart add-on is a one time purchase.
The chart will be downloadable as long as it is current. Once we have a new edition ready in de shop, you can keep the chart that you already downloaded on your device's but you can't recover it anymore. To use the next editions, you’ll have to purchase a separate product.

Additional information

Necessary Plan

EasyVFR Essential, EasyVFR Live, EasyVFR Pro, Frequent Flyer Membership


Advanced Flight Systems AFS-5000 series, EasyVFR 4, Dynon SkyView

Delivery Methode

Download from website to EFIS USB stick, Download within EasyVFR 4 app, Export from EasyVFR 4 app to EFIS USB stick

Country and Region Coverage

England, United Kingdom (UK)

FIR coverage

London EGTT

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