Dropbox add-on for Dynon SkyView

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If you can’t use EasyVFR 4 to get your SkyView updated, we can now help you too! We’ll deliver your Dataset update to your computer through Dropbox – fully automatic. Whenever a new Dataset is ready, we’ll send you an email message to inform you an update is available. By the time you have seen that message, we’ve most likely already placed all you need in a Dropbox folder we’ve shared with you previously. Just copy & paste that entire Dropbox folder onto the USB-drive that comes with your Dynon and plug it into your Dynon Skyview the next time you go flying!

Instructions are documented in our Knowledge base.

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The really cool thing is that all our data that you have licensed is present in this personal Dropbox folder, and it's updated whenever changes happen. It's the full set, including your airport plates! To update your Dynon USB stick you only need to copy the content of this folder and paste it to your Dynon USB stick. Simple as ctrl+c, ctrl+v.

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