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SafeSky Live traffic on your EasyVFR navigation map

EasyVFR Live and SafeSky Premium bundle

From: 57,99 / year

To celebrate the new partnership between the SafeSky and EasyVFR team we offer this special bundle of our licenses.

With the EasyVFR Live and SafeSky Premium licenses combined you see all the traffic SafeSky sees directly on the EasyVFR 4 moving map.

  • EasyVFR Live

    Yearly subscription
  • SafeSky Premium


What do I get with this bundle?

With the SafeSky Premium license, SafeSky will share its traffic data with other apps on the same device and Wi-Fi network using the GDL90 protocol.

With the EasyVFR Live license, EasyVFR 4 will receive GDL90 traffic data shared by SafeSKy on the same device or Wi-Fi network. EasyVFR 4 shows traffic on the moving map and will vocally warn you when traffic is nearby.


Does SafeSky replace a physical ADS-B or FLARM receiver in the cockpit?

SafeSky is complementary to an electronic conspicuity receiver like SkyEcho 2, Straxus, PilotAware, and others, but is not a replacement. The SafeSky app receives traffic data over the internet from over 14 sources that collectively are using over 30.000 ground stations. The best is to have both a physical receiver connected to SafeSky to combine the best of both. All this information will then be sent by the SafeSky app over GDL90 to EasyVFR 4.


After activating the licenses, do I have to set up anything within the SafeSky and EasyVFR 4 app to make it work?

One time only - In the SafeSky app traffic sharing to EasyVFR needs to be enabled. Menu>Traffic sharing. Enabled Traffic sharing, tap on None and select EasyVFR. EasyVFR 4 will work out of the box.

Every flight -  To send out GDL90 traffic data, SafeSky needs to be in flying mode. Press TAKE OFF> select your aircraft>and press TAKE OFF again. Now you can switch to EasyVFR 4. When in planning mode, EasyVFR 4 will show all traffic received. On the moving map, traffic will be visible. You can verify the number of signals received by pressing the green/amber/red Status Dot.


How do I active SafeSky Premium after purchasing this bundle?

After paying the order, you will receive a serial key. This is your key to unlocking SafeSky Premium within the SafeSky app.

The serial key will after payment be shared with you on the order confirmation page after the purchase, in the order confirmation email, and can be found on your my account page on this website.


How do I active EasyVFR Live after purchasing this bundle?

The EasyVFR Live license is automatically added to the EasyVFR 4 account that you create during checkout or to the account you are signed in to during checkout.

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