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New beta track will start soon.



4.3.2 Promoted to app stores (14JUN2024)

  • IMPROVED: Squawk determination on the Radio card for VFR Routes.
  • UPDATED: New SafeSky logo in Traffic card.
  • FIXED: When the option "Tap and hold for rubberbanding" was enabled the infocard was also
    popped up
  • FIXED: In many situations EV4 enabled the traffic option for FLARM TCP/IP devices even when no device was attached, causing noticeable stuttering

4.3.1 beta (23MAY2024)

  • IMPROVED: Info sheet now keeps the manually dragged height of each sheet instance persistent within the app session.
  • IMPROVED: Info sheet now has a minimum height.
  • IMPROVED: Info sheet now shows airfield type as an icon also in the route objects sheet.
  • IMPROVED: Sliding horizontally over the bottom button bar to change map presets is no longer supported.
  • FIXED: Status card did not report the correct number of traffic items received; it always showed 0.
  • FIXED: If the SafeSky license ended and SafeSky position upload was still enabled (which is the default), rubbish text could be displayed as a subline on the [Receive Traffic] option in the traffic menu.
  • FIXED: If on the weather map preset AeroData was enabled but NOTAMs were disabled, then AeroData would not be displayed at all.
  • FIXED: When activating the NOTAM or WX tab, a duplicate symbol for NOTAM settings or WX settings appeared on the left bar.
  • FIXED: Route Planning menu shared delete and hide buttons with the Info sheet. These icons were gray-styled to look good on the Info sheet, but this made them hardly visible on the Route Planning menu. This is fixed by creating dedicated delete and hide icons for the Route Planning menu.
  • FIXED: Scrollbar on the Route Planning menu was hardly visible.

4.3.0 beta (14MAY2024)

  • IMPROVED: Traffic vertical separation differences calculation for Android.
  • FIXED: Traffic count instrument was broken.
  • FIXED: Added density altitude back to the airfield infosheet.

4.2.4 beta (10MAY2024)

  • NEW: Fuel type "Electric" added (See UK locations EGTU, EGML, EGHN).
  • NEW: Tap to Append feature — Automatically appends Aerodata objects to the end of the route when a new route is created and still in draft mode, not confirmed.
  • IMPROVED: Default to Airfield information tab when tapping near an airport that is part of the route.
  • UPDATED: iOS 17.4 now requires explicit permission for pressure sensor usage.
  • FIXED: DME icon on the map now features a blue dot in the middle.
  • FIXED: The NOTAMS options button on the right bar is now visible with every map preset, not just the nav map preset (previously limited to "VIEWPORTANAV").
  • FIXED: Email addresses with a '+' sign are no longer accepted when creating a new account.

4.2.1 beta (1MAY2024)

  • NEW: Dynon HDX1200 can now be selected in Dynon Data Exchange.
  • NEW: Besides Airspace NOTAMs, EasyVFR 4 now also classifies Activity NOTAMS and will show these on the map, because they are considered to be very useful too.
  • NEW: Support for Gliding Areas and U-Space. These are now also classified as a separate airspace and can be individually fine-tuned regarding visibility on the map, on the Vertical Profile, and if the airspace warning system should warn for them or not.
  • NEW: On a clean install of EasyVFR 4, a WebView will be launched during the initial data download offering the user some tutorial videos to watch.
  • NEW: For EasyVFR Essentials users, when country data is being downloaded after country selection, a WebView will be shown with the various license options and offering for a trial.
  • NEW: Android version can now run entirely in the background, including downloading of data and spoken airspace warnings.
  • NEW: Entirely new language support system including in-app and web-based editing for appointed translators.
  • NEW: MGL users can now use EasyVFR 4 also to create Approach Plates for their MGL equipment.
  • NEW: Totally revised QuickInfo window, now renamed to Infosheet.
  • NEW: Entirely removed the use of the QuickInfo wheel; EasyVFR 4 is now much smarter when the user taps on the screen and tries to anticipate why the user tapped and then provide the Infosheet already set up for that need.
  • NEW: Essential and Live users can now also create a NOTAM briefing.
  • IMPROVED: Cleaned up Map Layers menu, and slight color and text style improvements for several other menus.
  • UPDATED: Updated the Flarm decoder for SkyEcho2 users.
  • CHANGED: Dynamic Airspace Mapping settings are now moved to the Developer Tweaks.
  • CHANGED: Phrase ETA and ATA in navlog changed to ETO and ATO.
  • CHANGED: Moved Geo, Readability, Map Brightness, and AeroData Charting Theme to map layer options to Map Layer menu -> Other Map Layer Settings.
  • FIXED: Vertical Profile sometimes displayed erroneous descends for routes containing multiple legs.
  • FIXED: Dynon Data Exchange could sometimes hang (or appeared to be hung) when it was waiting for the EFB catalogue download to complete.
  • FIXED: Symbol for DME-Only on the map.




4.2.000 -> Promoted to app stores (15DEC2023)

  • Version bump.

4.1.430 beta (01DEC2023)

  • IMPROVED: The new Context menus increase in size by 30% when flightmode gets enabled so they become much better usable when flying. Also, when flightmode is enabled, the user can use two-finger pinch zooming on these contextmenus to change the size to their personal liking.
  • FIXED: When using a flightsimulator as GPS source EV4 would not automatically switch to flightmode.
  • FIXED: When the user had disabled SmartMap then the radioCard would display a wrong status message for airspaces stating that either NOTAM or AUP data was outdated.
  • FIXED: On iOS when generating the tripkit and the proposed tripkit filename contained a dot or a space the generated tripkit was not viewable within EasyVFR 4.

4.1.429 beta (17NOV2023)

  • NEW: Position and Radio card.
  • NEW: Import of FPL routes. A typical application that shares routes using the FPL format is ForeFlight.
  • NEW: Export of routes using the FPL format.
  • NEW: Port 11000 has been added as a listening port for Microsoft Flight Simulators.
  • IMPROVED: When generating the Flight Documentation TripKit, EasyVFR 4 will now use a more sensible default filename for the PDF instead of the default "tripkit.pdf".
  • IMPROVED: Calculations of FIR EET times for flight plan filing when a route is more or less following an FIR boundary.
  • FIXED: Some Android keyboards automatically append a space after an exclamation mark, causing the EasyVFR 4 Route Share Token search for shared content to fail.
  • FIXED: When a route is loaded, the Map Interest Timespan adjusts to the Takeoff Date & Time of that route. If this is in the future, but Flying mode is now activated, the Map Interest Timespan will adjust from the Current Time -1 hour to Current Time + 3 hours.
  • FIXED: When the SafeSky Premium license ended, EasyVFR 4 did not automatically re-enable SafeSky traffic when the SafeSky Premium license was renewed.
  • FIXED: When flying Track or Course Up, the airplane symbol would frequently get rendered as if the map was North Up.

4.1.428 beta (25OCT2023)

  • NEW: Tapping near an AeroData object on the map now displays a summary bar with quick route action buttons: [Direct To], [Depart Here], [Insert], [Add to End], [Remove].
  • NEW: Introduced a Context menu UI element that provides access to functionality directly related to an item, without cluttering the map and interface. Many use cases are upcoming
  • NEW: Display context menu added by a new Display button on the top right side of the screen for selecting elements to [Hide Buttons], show [Vertical Profile] and [Instruments Ribbon], [Lock Touch] (unlock with a three-finger tap on the screen), and access [Readability].
  • NEW: Added readability settings for Route Leg Labels and Route Leg Line thickness.
  • NEW: Weather context menu added by a new Weather button on the right side of the screen for toggling weather layers on the Moving Map and Vertical Profile.
  • NEW: Map Orientation context menu added by tapping the Map Orientation button.
  • NEW: "Course Up" map orientation option, controllable via the Map Orientation button.
  • NEW: Map "Auto Zoom "feature for when in Flying Mode, controllable via the Map Orientation button.
  • NEW: [Set] and [View] the zoom level (camera altitude) per flight phase for Auto Zoom. [Set] copies the current zoom level of the moving map.
  • NEW: Dedicated button for the Position & Radio window, which will soon include more information depending on the flight phase.
  • NEW: Android version now uses a geoidal separation model for improved GPS altitude, matching iOS's default behavior.
  • NEW: Also EasyVFR Essentials users can now review flight logs on the map.
  • NEW: EasyVFR 4 menu -> Preferences -> Units now displays the selected default unit on each unit type label.
  • NEW: Status Card -> Traffic now has a new option "Filter only in Flightmode". By default, this is enabled but can be switched off by the user so Vertical Filtering is also applied when in planning mode.
  • IMPROVED: When the user has set the Position Source to [Internal GPS], this setting is now retained after restarting EV4 and not switched back to Automatic anymore.
  • IMPROVED: Replaced "Weight + Balance" with "Mass + Balance" at several places.
  • IMPROVED: When tapping Status card -> Data -> [Plates along the route], only the georeferenced plates were downloaded, not the associated PDF ones. As a result, this PDF could not be accessed when needed in flight. Now the PDF files will also be automatically downloaded for offline usage.
  • IMPROVED: Better support for fullscreen Android devices.
  • IMPROVED: When manually running [Extract logbook entries] via EasyVFR 4 menu -> System -> Tracklogs, EV4 will ignore any previously set internal markers to make it possible to redo a logbook entry extraction as if it was a fresh flight again.
  • IMPROVED: Android Target SDK 33 is now supported.
  • IMPROVED: Airmarshalls can delete an EFB PDF document using the Quick Info Wheel -> Airfield Info -> PDF.
  • FIXED: On iOS, exporting the logbook breadcrumbs to GPX crashed.
  • FIXED: On the Tripkit TCK, waypoints were not displaying their correct short- and full names.
  • FIXED: When the Distance unit is changed from NM to something else, then the Map Layers menu -> NOTAMs -> [Max Radius to Show On Map] will now display in the selected default unit also.
  • FIXED: When the Distance unit is changed from NM to something else, then the Map Layers menu -> Weather -> [Weather Briefing Path Width] will now display in the selected default unit also.
  • FIXED: Downloading the 10-day Pressure & Rain Forecast chart did not work when a user was subscribed to EasyVFR Pro via Apple App Store but did not enter an email address in myEasyVFR.
  • FIXED: Menu icons centering on the top, bottom, and right of the display got misaligned when instruments were visible.
  • FIXED: Tripkit crash on MacOS.
  • FIXED: Fixed crash when running navlog with tourist guide enabled and local flight setup (aka no route legs).
  • FIXED: Sometimes EV4 would incorrectly consider an airport not within the 20 NM path width of a route for downloading plates.
  • FIXED: Pro Aircraft Profiles now allow selecting Custom Aircraft Symbols again.
  • FIXED: When at initial installation any aircraft type other than SEP was selected, then at the first launch of Aircraft Profiles the default Aircraft type was reset back to SEP.
  • FIXED: With SafeSky enabled and no internet available at the startup of EV4, EV4 would be much less responsive in its UI than with SafeSky disabled or internet available.
  • FIXED: Split view would sometimes generate a "surface could not get initialized" error.
  • FIXED: SafeSky Premium license did not allow sending locations using only an EasyVFR 4 Essentials version.




4.1.422 -> Promoted to app stores (16JUL2023)

  • FIXED: offset-Jumping for a small number of approach plates for example for EDML and EDQC due to crop detection of embedded plate
  • FIXED: Google map tiles download frooze after 3 downloads.
  • IMPROVED: Aircraft symbology for microlights
    IMPROVED: When a download is going on EV4 will now show a spinning download icon at the location of the statusdot

4.1.421 beta (1JUL2023)

  • NEW: The P/B/D option in the Search window now accepts either a 'T' or 'M' suffix for Bearing, indicating whether to use True or Magnetic bearing, respectively. In the absence of a specified suffix, 'True' is the default.
  • NEW: The Menu->Preferences now includes an option for submitting a scenic sight.
  • CHANGED: The options for Beta Tester activation and displaying unlicensed features have been relocated to the EasyVFR 4 menu -> System.
  • FIXED: Items within the Instrument ribbon that contain time (e.g., Current Time, ETA, ETO) were not accurately represented due to an issue with internal mantissa overflow.
  • FIXED: The density altitude calculation was previously inaccurate when a nearby METAR contained numerous '////' in its report.
  • FIXED: The Instrument ribbon items 'EET Dest' and 'EET Next' did not function properly when 'Seconds' was selected as the unit.

4.1.417 beta (26JUN2023)

  • NEW: Introduction of the AeroData Layer with Scenic Sights.
  • NEW: Easy integration of Scenic Sights as waypoints to routes.
  • NEW: Detailed information is available for each Scenic Sight.
  • NEW: Beta testing for the new AeroData layer.
  • NEW: Support for new aircraft types: Trike, Paramotor, Paraglider, Balloon, Autogyro.
  • NEW: Inclusion of all Canadian provinces in EasyVFR 4, with AeroData, geographical data, METARs & TAFs, and NOTAMs.
  • FIXED: When reversing a route and then filing that route would result in the calculations of FIR border times to still holding the ones from the original flight.
  • FIXED: Sometimes Dynon Data Exchange ended up in an endless loop waiting for EFB catalog data
  • FIXED: On newer Android devices a small area at the top and bottom of the screen was not used.
  • FIXED: When using uAvionix SkyEcho EC device together with SafeSky this duplicate filtering did not work.
  • FIXED:Flight plan Filing: - Previously VFR was specifically allowed as flight plan level. But this is now being rejected by RR. So now VFR is no longer allowed as a level and gets a specific message.
    FIXED: Previous beta did not download TAFS for FIRs NOT stsarting with and E
    FIXED: Rendering of NOTAM polygons when defined by Eurocontrol (only the first 36 points would be rendered)
    FIXED: When Scenic Locations are turned off using menu->Preferences->Collect Scenic Locations the map will now immediately be re-rendered without the scenic locations rendered before.
  • IMPROVED: Implemented a safetynet when loading a route from disk where it checks if the lat/lon for the found location is near the location specified in the routefile. If not, then it create a user waypoint instead of using the found object
  • IMPROVED: Airspace Labeling performance
  • IMPROVED: Improved AutoRouting when the option "lowest terrain"is enabled. IT no longer stops at the first route found but also tries some higher cruise altitudes (up to 2000ft in steps of 500ft) to see if a route can be found that is at least 10% shorter in distance.
  • IMPROVED: The minimum device RAM requirements for the Scenic Sights option is reduced from 3.5mb RAM to 2.0MB RAM, lets see if this still works then.

4.1.415 beta (24MAY2023)

  • NEW: Introduction of the AeroData Layer with Scenic Sights.
  • NEW: Easy integration of Scenic Sights as waypoints to routes.
  • NEW: Detailed information is available for each Scenic Sight.
  • NEW: Beta testing for the new AeroData layer.
  • NEW: Support for new aircraft types: Trike, Paramotor, Paraglider, Balloon, Autogyro.
  • NEW: Inclusion of all Canadian provinces in EasyVFR 4, with AeroData, geographical data, METARs & TAFs, and NOTAMs.
  • FIXED: When reversing a route and then filing that route would result in the calculations of FIR border times to still holding the ones from the original flight.
  • FIXED: Sometimes Dynon Data Exchange ended up in an endless loop waiting for EFB catalog data
  • FIXED: On newer Android devices a small area at the top and bottom of the screen was not used.
  • FIXED: When using uAvionix SkyEcho EC device together with SafeSky this duplicate filtering did not work.





4.1.404 -> Promoted to app stores (24MAR2023)

  • NEW: SafeSky Premium integrated directly into EasyVFR 4. No separate app is needed, only EasyVFR and the SafeSky Premium subscription. Available in our shop, also with a 30-day trial.
  • IMPROVED: VPV toggle button is now always on the screen regardless of whether VPV is set to off/auto/manual.
  • FIXED: Aircraft Profile page did not always offer callsign to edit.
  • FIXED: When the aircraft type is changed in Aircraft Profile the aircraft type change is passed to SafeSky also.
  • FIXED: ICAO24 ICAO Transporter code is removed from the Aircraft Profile screen because it could create an endless loop trying to register the aircraft when the ICAO24 entered by the user did not correspond with the ICAO24 known for that callsign at SafeSky.

4.1.329 beta (03MAR2023)

  • FIXED: Unit options in menu->preferences ->Units where not mutually exclusive,
  • FIXED: When in landscape the Route Planning menu was docked permanently to the left, tapping on the map to get the QuickInfo wheel to show a Quick Info window for that position, would not show because it was placed underneath the Route Planning window.

4.1.327 beta 25FEB2023

  • NEW: Added Tell-A-Friend discount promotion to menu -> Pilots Data section and menu-> myEasyVFR
  • NEW: 10-day Pressure and Precipitation forecast chart is now available for Pro and FFM licensees via menu MapLayers->Weather 
  • NEW: When tapping an airfield icon on the RouteCard EV4 will show the summary bar at the bottom for that airfield so its easy to get airport information fast for anyt airfield in the route 
  • NEW: Added Instruments Flight Time and Flight Distance 
  • NEW: When a take off is detected and no route is active, then EV4 will automatically create a LOCAL FLIGHT route starting at a persistent user waypoint labelled DEPARTURE and date&time, so the BRG/EET/Dist instrument automatically is populated for returning back to the take off point. This is specially handy for free-flight pilots that can take off from any suitable grass area. This option can be enabled or disabled using Menu->Preferences, option [Auto Create Local Flight] 
  • NEW: Menu's now contain scrollbars when touched 
  • FIXED: mousewheel scrolling on multitouch windows/macos systems 
  • FIXED: Sometimes older approachplates would be rendered offset a bit  
  • FIXED: The menu button and Full Screen button at the bottombar switched places as soon as once the fullscreenmode was selected  
  • FIXED: When not in flightmode then voice warnings will no longer be given 
  • FIXED: Aut Suspend warnings when within 5NM of departure or arrival did not work unless the user had at least once visited the warnings settings. 
  • FIXED: RouteWindow, Flight Documentation, selecting PDF documents for Airfields did not work anymore  
  • FIXED: Sometimes ALT AGL would not show a value 
  • FIXED: The distance measurement tool showed a weird character in the course indicator 
  • CHANGED: VPV off/auto/on is now changed into VPV off/auto/manual in menu->preferences. When set to Man then a VPV toggle button will be shown on the topbar so the user can toggle the VPV onoff at wish 
  • CHANGED: Set PresetA and Set PresetB are removed from QuickInfo->Airfield information  

4.1.320 beta (03FEB2023)

  • NEW: Aircraft Profile now allows to specify the speed to use as takeoff and landing thresholds.
  • NEW: For Live, Pro, and FFM licensees there is now an export to GPX for daily breadcrumb files via menu->System->Tracklogs.
  • IMPROVED: For each Traffic object received, the last 10 location points are drawn so the path flown can be determined.
  • IMPROVED: Above a certain camera altitude traffic objects will not show text anymore, and the traffic symbol will be scaled with the camera altitude to avoid heavy cluttering of the map when zooming out.
  • IMPROVED: Support for Android devices with a dual built-in GPS unit.
  • IMPROVED: The on-screen button to toggle the Vetitcal Profile is back, and in essence, toggles through the 3-state off-auto-on.
  • IMPROVED: The preset buttons A and B to quickly call up detailed airport information for the departure and arrival airfields specified in a route are now moved to the Route card to clean-up map space.
  • IMPROVED: Labels for menu items that do not fit on one line are now wrapped over two lines
  • FIXED: Callsigns to ignore in Status card -> Traffic showed these callsigns vertically
  • FIXED: Airspace Settings menu was garbled.
  • FIXED: When editing the Instruments Ribbon and closing it by tapping outside that window, the changes were not saved persistently.
  • FIXED: Bearingless traffic with indicated distance had garbled text when displayed in the bearingless traffic banner.
  • FIXED: When overall button and text sizes were changed using EasyVFR 4 menu -> Preferences -> Readability then the menu items did not respond to the font size change immediately, a restart of EV4 was required.
  • FIXED: Status card -> Data sometimes temporarily removed the Download GAFOR option when it was downloading other types of data.
  • FIXED: Instrument Next Waypoint direction and Next Waypoint HSI now show N/A as a value when GPS position is not accurate.

4.1.318 beta (19JAN2023)

  • NEW: Aircraft Profile now allows to specify the speed to use as takeoff and landing thresholds.
  • NEW: Simple Aircraft Profiel for Essential and Live users.
  • NEW: Instrument ribbon introduced as replacement for InfoFields.
  • NEW: Instruments added: Bearing to Next, HSI, ATC now, ATC Next.
  • IMPROVED: Revised menu design and structure.
    IMPROVED: For each Traffic object received, last 10 location points are drawn so the path flown can be determined.
  • IMPROVED: Above a certain camera altitude traffic objects will not show text anymore, and the traffic symbol will be scaled with the camera altitude to avoid heavy cluttering of the map when zooming out.
  • IMPROVED: Support for Android devices with a dual built-in GPS unit.




4.1.309 -> Promoted to app stores (14NOV2022)

  • FIXED: Prevent logbook data getting uploaded when user is using the Free Unregistered version
  • FIXED: Windows version did not open exported PDF documents, breadcrumbs and logbook automatically.
  • IMPROVED: Put some speed sanity checks around GDL90 Traffic and GPS interface; from recordings it turns out sometimes extreme speeds are received, causing the airspace-ahead buffer to grow exceptionally which might lead to crashes.

4.1.308 beta (07NOV2022)

  • NEW: Implemented Dynon DataExchange for Android. This makes it possible to directly copy AVData, OBData, plates and charts for your Dynon SkyView to the USB stick connected to your Android device. 
  • NEW: Android version now uses TargetSDK 31 as required by Google Play Store.
  • IMPROVED: Dynon DataExchange now deletes old AeroData (avdata*.dup, obdata*.dup), keyfiles (.key) and raster charts (.dcf) from the memory stick automatically.
  • IMPROVED: Visual Reporting Points consisting of only NATO alphabet codings will now no longer spell out the ID as label on the map to reduce clutter.
  • IMPROVED: GPS inaccuracy detection on Android.
  • IMPROVED: Some Android devices change DPI slightly when rotating portrait to landscape and visa versa, causing EV4 to re-calculate the magnification settings each time with a rotation change. This now is only done when difference in DPI is more than 5%.
  • IMPROVED: Menu->Help & Legal now has an entry pointing to our YouTube channel for instruction videos.
  • FIXED: 4.1.305 broke automatic logbook creation.
  • FIXED: When scrolling the language selector screen to select languages initially out of view, then those languages could still not be selected.
  • FIXED: Airspaces with lowerlevel GND were labeled as SFC on the map.
  • FIXED: When deleting a raster chart using Menu->myEasyVFR, EasyVFR4 would crash.
  • FIXED: When a new country was added while a route was loaded then that route was not restored after the country select was done and no countries were added at all.
  • FIXED: Sometimes a Google Maps tile was rendered at a zoomed-out zoomlevel.




4.1.305 -> Promoted to app stores (19OCT2022)

  • FIXED: Dynon Data Exchange was broken on all involved platforms.

4.1.304 beta (07OCT2022)

  • NEW: EasyVFR 4 now supports native connection from X-Plane 12 and older. In X-Plane choose Settings -> Network -> Click on the + in front of "IPHONE, IPAD and EXTERNAL APPS" -> Enable the option "Broadcast to all mapping apps on the network". EasyVFR4 will now auto-detect the X-Plane data feed. Multiplayer is also supported.
  • NEW: EasyVFR 4 now supports native connections from Prepar3D. Settings -> Application -> Select "Enable GPS data transmission" -> Preferably using "Broadcast GPS data to network". EasyVFR4 will now auto-detect the Prepar3D data feed.
  • NEW: Dynon Data Only users can now use EasyVFR 4 to download all their data onto their Dynon USB stick on Windows, macOS, and iOS. Similar to how the FFM users with Dynon SkyView already could.
  • IMPROVED: As requested by many EasyVFR 4 will now display more placenames at lower zoom levels.
  • IMPROVED: Various Breadcrumb & Logbook issues.
  • IMPROVED: Greece VFR reporting points that have an ID with a length of exact 5 will now be filed via RocketRoute using their coordinates instead of their ID to avoid conflicts with IFR waypoints with the same ID but located at a totally different location than their Greece VFR counterpart.
  • FIXED: When tapping on the map activating the QuickInfo wheel ->  then choose Waypoints -> and then tap the [Add waypoint] icon in front of the temporary user waypoint created. The user will now get a message this is only possible with EasyVFR Live or higher app licenses.
  • FIXED: When rubberbanding EV4 will now snap to user waypoints also.
  • FIXED: When Windbarbs or cloud cover was enabled on the map without SIGWX also enabled, then windbarbs and/or cloudbase symbols would not be rendered until SIGWX was turned on.
  • FIXED: When tapping [Restore Purchase] during credentials entering on iOS, EV4 would launch EULA agreement instead of actually restoring any purchases done in the past.
  • FIXED: When launching a menu option from a submenu the main menu would not get closed if needed.
  • FIXED: Users with a large number of logbook entries could experience random crashes.
  • FIXED: When entering a user email, login name, or password any leading, trailing, or containing spaces are now automatically removed.
  • FIXED: Aircraft Profiles:- fixed bug that changed fuel type to avgas if just viewing easy mode performance data.




4.1.3 -> Promoted to app stores (19AUG2022)

  • NEW: Cyprus, South Africa, Madagascar, and Israel added.
  • NEW: When EasyVFR 4 redirects a known user to the website/shop it will autologin the user to the website.
  • IMPROVED: The description of airspaces whose activation is affected by holidays is now more clear.
  • FIXED: Airspaces that are active only during a set period of the year and the timespan of that active period spanned over two years (for example jul2022-mar2023) then these airspaces were wrongly rendered as not-active.
  • FIXED: On iOS, EasyVFR 4 menu -> myEasyVFR did not show bought raster charts anymore.
  • FIXED: EasyVFR 4 menu -> General contained an orphaned "Online help" option, this is now removed.
  • FIXED: When changing the WX Colorcoding using Map Layers -> Weather --> METAR/TAF Colour Scheme the WX briefing on the Route Planning menu now instantly updates these colors too.
  • FIXED: When tapping at a location in the area of New Zealand, the QuickInfo wheel did not show up.
  • FIXED: Tripkit now correctly shows 8.33 frequencies in navlog and airspace briefing.
  • FIXED: To avoid points on the other side of the globe "shining through" LatLon2ScreenXY() tries to be smart to detect this.

4.0.987 beta (09JUL2022)

  • NEW: Logbook flight tracks and breadcrumbs can now be exported to GPX format also.
  • IMPROVED: When EV4 is moved to the background it will release cache memory so the operating system keeps EV4 alive longer. Hopefully, this has a noticeable impact on specifically iPad mini 4 systems.
  • IMPROVED: Dynon Flightplan Sending: If the Ident of a VRP is longer than the SkyView can display (8 characters) then when this Ident starts with the airport ICAO, then EV4 will use the most 8 right characters as Ident to show on the SkyView. This improves usability on airports with VRPs that differentiate only on the last 1 or two characters used.
  • IMPROVED: When entering credentials a Reset Password button is now available.
  • FIXED: Rare occurrences of EV4 freezing on iOS
  • FIXED: Some crashing causes on Android
  • FIXED: Density altitude is back on QuickInfo->Airfield Info and tripkit PDF.
  • FIXED: The Magnetic Track value on a route bubble used the plane's position to calculate magnetic variation, while it should have been the starting point of the leg.
  • FIXED: Long names with hyphens were rendered on the map with one hyphen missing to avoid ugly long names taking up a lot of widths. We found a better solution to do the word wrapping.
  • FIXED: Tripkit didn't show trailing zero's for distance if the distance was a whole number (11.0 was displayed as 11. instead of 11.0)
  • FIXED: When the main menu was activated, then a submenu was activated and then the main menu was activated again and this was repeated 17 times then the submenu would not appear anymore.
  • FIXED: Restoring logbook from the cloud could fail due to timeout.
  • FIXED: When the user scrolled the account-creation page during app setup it was no longer possible to enter the user's credentials
  • FIXED: When accepting a GPX route on Android, this route was excepted, but EV would crash after 1-2 minutes.
  • FIXED: When in Plan(e)station mode EV4 would not set the forced camera altitude at startup.
  • FIXED: EasyVFR 4 menu -> System -> Tracklogs now works for EasyVFR Essentials also.
  • FIXED: Deleting daily breadcrumb files using EasyVFR 4 menu -> System -> Tracklogs did not delete the selected breadcrumb file.

4.0.981 beta (20MAY2022)

  • NEW: New license tiers for the EasyVFR 4 Android and iOS app:
    • EasyVFR Essential (forever free >> successor of EasyVFR Basic NK and UK).
    • EasyVFR Live (small fee >> unlocks GDL 90, SmartMap, NOTAM filtering, and VFR Plates).
    • EasyVFR Pro (successor of EasyVFR Standard).
    • Frequent Flyer Membership stays as it was.
    • See
  • NEW: Monthly subscription added for EasyVFR Live and EasyVFR Pro.
  • NEW: For iOS in-app purchases via Apple added for EasyVFR Live and EasyVFR Pro.
  • NEW: New users can create an EasyVFR 4 account within the app. Going to the website is no longer needed.
  • NEW: New styling for buttons on the bottom bar.
  • NEW: Beta updates for Android: via Google Play, now you can also download beta updates via Google Play. Tap "Join beta" on the EasyVFR 4 aap page within Google Play.
  • IMPROVED: When running EV4 on a laptop that connects to multiple screens, EV4 will now auto-adjust magnification levels when screen switching occurs.
  • IMPROVED: Vertical profile path on VPV is now based on calculated vertical speeds.
  • IMPROVED: Comms & airspace information window in various Denmark areas.
  • IMPROVED: On startup of EV4, it now checks in the background if maybe new plate subscriptions are found, so the user no longer has to check account settings first.
  • IMPROVED: Route Totals now use current groundspeed for the active leg, and planned values from the selected aircraft profile for all upcoming legs to calculate time to destination (ETA).
  • IMPROVED: Route label now includes the degrees symbol to avoid MT getting understood by the user as "meter" instead of "Magnetic Track".
  • IMPROVED: When the user calibrates the AGL altitude via the Status Card the second confirmation popup stating the AGL altitude is reset is removed, it was a double confirmation dialog.
  • IMPROVED: The search button is moved to the bottom button bar to be quickly accessible.
  • CHANGED: The Map Interest timespan button is moved to the Map Layer menu.
  • FIXED: On Essential and Live tier: When tapping Open Pro Route Options the pop-up reported that an EasyVFR Live license was needed as a minimum, while it should have been Pro.
  • FIXED: Plan(e)station reset to defaults did overwrite all last download times for METARs, TAFs, NOTAMs, etc, causing these to get downloaded immediately after such a reset.
  • FIXED: There could be a small difference between the magnetic track value for a course displayed in the Route Planning menu and displayed as a route leg label on the moving map.
  • FIXED: When the Route Planning menu was docked to the left, then the application window was resized smaller causing the Route Planning menu to reduce in height, then when the application window was resized bigger the Route Planning menu would forever stay small and grow in height anymore.
  • FIXED: TAF Decoding on Quick Info Whether window skipped first part before first timegroup element.
  • FIXED: FLARM decoding issue with uAvionics SkyEcho2.
  • FIXED: When airspace is activated by NOTAM the link to the corresponding NOTAM was not visible.





4.0.970 -> Promoted to app stores (22APR2022)

  • FIXED: Sometimes highlighted airspace (for example due to an airspace warning) was rendered offset compared to the actual position of the airspace.
  • FIXED: When ALT2 (alternate) was closer to the destination than ALT1, then the route planning window would use that as distance to calculate fuel-to-furthest alternate for, resulting in a difference between the Trip Kit produced fuel required and the total fuel required according to the route window.
  • FIXED: QuickInfo wheel, Route objects truncated the last few characters of a User Waypoint description.
  • FIXED: QuickInfo wheel, Route Objects Window, when editing a user waypoint mixed lower & uppercase characters are now allowed.
  • FIXED: EasyVFR 4 menu -> my UserWaypoints now only accepts A-Z, 0-9, and a few special characters as short ID and description.
  • FIXED: Some menu z-order issues.
  • CHANGED: Dynon SkyView systems produce a wrong route when a route is sent via Wi-Fi that contains a VFR Reporting Point ("VRP") that has an identifier (for example "E") and more than one VRP with the same Ident exists close together. For example a route LZPE->LSZR-E->lSZR would not route via LSZR-E, but instead via LOIH-E. The only way to fix this was to no longer use the correct Ident/latitude/longitude, but instead use a "fake ident" (in our case LSZR E)/latitude/longitude, resulting unfortunately in that route waypoint not using the VRP icon anymore in the route list.

4.0.969 beta (28MAR2022)

  • NEW: AUP/UUP now supports "Tomorrow", available from 1600Z at the day before.
  • IMPROVED: When timespan units is set to seconds or when EET is less than 60 seconds, then EV4 will display timespans as mm:ss (minutes:seconds)
  • IMPROVED: Status Card can now also be closed by tapping on the header.
  • FIXED: Some Swedish text was being rendered in German.
  • FIXED: A crash could occur when doing menu->Search.
  • FIXED: Overlapping issues of Status Card and Route Card.
  • FIXED: Occasional flickering of Route Card and Route Planning menu when both are active.
  • FIXED: The Flight Statistics window that is shown when a logbook entry is automatically created is now suppressed for all aircraft types except "Fixed Wing", so slow-flying aircraft like flexwings don't get this window shown in the middle of their flight when they fly so slow and low EV4 thinks they have landed.
  • FIXED: Route Total bubble would always display the route total in NM, even if a different distance unit was selected.

4.0.965 beta (16MAR2022)

  • NEW: Route Card.
  • NEW: Share Route Token: Using Route Card -> Share Route it is now very easy to exchange routes with other EasyVFR4 users.
  • NEW: Devices running Apple iOS, iPadOS or ARM-based MacOS can now create Dynon Data USB Sticks directly from their iPhone or iPad. For this to work an adapter is needed to connect the USB stick to your iPhone; Apple calls this adapter "apple lightning to USB 3 camera adapter"
  • NEW: Map Layers menu -> AeroData -> Airport Features can be used to toggle various airfield elements like VFR arrival and departure routes, traffic patterns.
  • NEW: Route Planning menu -> Route Options now supports the soon-to-be-released "EFIS Gateway for MGL " by MicroKit Solutions LLC to send routes via Wi-Fi to MGL units.
  • FIXED: Trip Kit did not produce ETE times for airspace briefing.





4.0.962 -> Promoted to app stores (23FEB2022)

  • CHANGED: Routeleg's appearance is now a bit thinner again while keeping the new textures.
  • FIXED: A crash with decoding TAFs where number codings for turbulence were used.
  • FIXED: Route Total distance wrapped sometimes onto a second line.
  • FIXED: Global platform depended rescaling had no effect on route textures.

4.0.960 beta (16FEB2022)

  • NEW: Leg Labels.
  • NEW: Route Totals.
  • NEW: Customizable Duration unit (Timespan).
  • IMPROVED: Data Status within the Status Card now only uses Green and Red statuses, except for the Plates Along Route option which is shown with Orange when a download is available.
  • IMPROVED: Several stability improvements.
  • CHANGED: Style of the route legs and connector dots, and sizing at different camera altitudes is rebalanced.

4.0.955 beta (6FEB2022)

  • IMPROVED: Button to toggle Vertical Profile on/off (top right corner).
  • IMPROVED: Button and icons to toggle TrackUp/NorthUp/PlanePos center (top left corner).
  • IMPROVED: Relative Terrain Colouring now uses a mixture of Red/Yellow to better render terrain that is still below the current altitude so valleys are better detectable.
  • IMPROVED: When traffic depiction uses an altitude range instead of a single value (in case the pressure altitude source is unreliable for example) the EV4 now uses a <> symbol between the lowest and highest possible value to indicate its a range. 
  • FIXED: In landscape, the Route Tools menu did not scroll anymore.
  • FIXED: WX Timelabels in the Route Planning menu, at the WX tab gave weird values.
  • FIXED: When tapping a plate for an airfield EV4 reported the error "You are not allowed to maintain this airfield".
  • FIXED: Various Status Card tweaks and fixes.
  • FIXED: Scrolling, positioning, and sizing of Route Tools menu when rotating the device from landscape to portrait and visa-versa.
  • FIXED: Automatically setting and resetting back to the previous setting of the Airspace Hide upper altitude when in flight mode and climbing/Descending.
  • FIXED: Vertical Profile could render wind barbs twice with a slight offset at the destination location, making it look as if the wind at the destination was much stronger than previously on that route.

4.0.954 beta (27JAN2022)

  • NEW: Introducing the new Status Card.
  • IMPROVED: Auto-adjust of airspace hide filter. When the difference between current altitude and active Airspace Hide Filter becomes 1000ft or less, then EV4 will automatically adjust this AirspaceHide filter in steps of 1000ft to create a difference of more then 1000ft again.
  • IMPROVED: Loading of large routes is now faster and more stable.
  • CHANGED: To clean up the EasyVFR 4 menu. Every setting that is now accessible via the Status Card is removed from the EasyVFR 4 Menu: Download of individual data types; GPS Settings; Traffic (Electronic Conspicuity) Settings.
  • CHANGED: The graphics and UI design system for both the app source code as in the development workflow has been reworked.
  • FIXED: Autowind, METARs and TAFs are now working again.
  • FIXED: Logbook Creation could sometimes create logbook entries with departure time set to the time the device was turned back on after the last flight instead of the actual landing time.





4.0.948 -> Promoted to app stores (29NOV2021)

  • COMPATIBILITY: Downloading was not working when running on macOS Monterey.
  • IMPROVED: Swedish language translation file.

4.0.947 (09NOV2021)

  • IMPROVED: Manual width changes of the Route Planning window were not kept persistent between sessions.
  • FIXED: Automatic GPS sources selection when using an external GPS source with the internal GPS that does not provide a 3D fix is improved.

4.0.943 beta (03NOV2021)

  • NEW: Implemented symbology for Paramotor and Paraglider fields.
  • IMPROVED: Build route from free text, now also supports user waypoints.
  • IMPROVED: Automatic Flyingmode enable/disable detection now handles momentary speed and altitude changes due to bad GPS reception better.
  • IMPROVED: Automatic logbook creation when doing a lot of flights with only a few minutes " back on the ground" time (like glider flight instructors and sailplane towers), is now better handled.
  • IMPROVED: Logbook Touch&Goes counting when using both an internal and external GPS receiver, is now better handled.
  • IMPROVED: QuickInfo->NOTAM, now places airfield NOTAMs on top.
  • IMPROVED: QuickInfo->NOTAM now has a speed dial button to control the various NOTAM Suppress and Filter settings.
  • IMPROVED: Quick Info window now keeps displaying the (i) icon at the correct place on the map.
  • IMPROVED: Language files updated.
  • IMPROVED: On iOS, the screen can now be rotated between landscape and portrait when viewing a PDF in the embedded PDF viewer.
  • FIXED: Manual updating AeroData was not possible since the previous beta version 4.0.938.
  • FIXED: Sometimes after modifying a user-waypoint on a route, the label for some or all user-waypoints in the route would not get rendered on the map.
  • FIXED: Label for P/B/D created user-waypoints in a route could have an overflow in rendering the distance part.
  • FIXED: On Android when using an external GPS or connected to a flight simulator, AND sitting inside a building with NO GPS reception, EasyVFR started to flip back and forth between Flyingmode and Planning mode.

4.0.938 beta (19OCT2021)

  • NEW: Create route using free text. Route Planning menu -> Route Tools -> Import from free text allows to create a route by simply typing route elements (for example "EHLE EHLE-B EHTX"). Or by copy-paste an official ICAO flightplan message. Note that these ICAO messages need to start with and opening bracket followed by FPL "(FPL" and need to end with a closing bracket ")". Airway identifiers are recognized and each waypoint making part of that airway is inserted as route waypoint.
  • NEW: On Android EasyVFR 4 routes can now be exchanged to other pilots using for example WhatsApp messenger by choosing Route Planning menu- > Route Tools -> Export to EasyVFR (XML).
  • IMPROVED: Water runways are now no longer rendered on the map because their position is always estimated and therefore meaningless on the map. The icon is still rendered.
  • IMPROVED: Handling of passwords with special characters.
  • IMPROVED: Route Planning menu -> Airspace listing now shows SQUAWK remarks when applicable.
  • IMPROVED: NOTAMS marked as deleted or hidden on one device are not synchronized via EasyVFR4 to all other devices after NOTAMS are downloaded on those
    other devices.
  • CHANGED: When auto centering to a location on the moving map (for example after selecting a notam, airfield etc) then a single tap on the map will stop this automatic panning and zooming.
  • CHANGED: When EV4 is started it will no longer switch to flight mode automatically when flight mode was activated the last time. Instead EV4 will validate if you are still flying.
  • FIXED: On Android devices running an older Android OS than version 11, leaving the screen on when EasyVFR 4 is in foreground was no longer working since version 4.0.929.
  • FIXED: Airfield icons could vary in size significantly when zooming on our out even a little bit.
  • FIXED: Crash with georeferenced plates when the new pdf has less pages then the previous version for that airfield.
  • FIXED: Sometimes a new logbook entry was not saved when another logbook entry was manually deleted that had its takeoff or landing time within 5 minutes of the new logbook entry.
  • FIXED: Entering Logbook maintenance could sometimes end up in an endless loop attempting to synchronize logbook items from cloud.
  • FIXED: On all Android versions the option "EasyVFR 4 menu -> Flightlog Maintenance -> Export to Google Earth (KML)" will now launch the Google Earth app automatically when it is installed.
  • FIXED: On all Android versions the option "EasyVFR 4 menu -> Flightlog Maintenance -> Export to excel (CSV)" will now launch attach the created CSV file to the app choosen (worksheet in case of excel, attachment in case of mail etc).
  • FIXED: On all Android versions the option EasyVFR 4 -> Help and Legal -> About EasyVFR 4 should now show show the details in a browser window.

4.0.933 beta (04OCT2021)

  • NEW: Norwegian and Swedish languages added.
  • IMPROVED: Android 11 support improved.
  • IMPROVED: SkyEcho Flarm decoding updated with latest version.
  • IMPROVED: When an Airfield is PPR then the symbology used on the map is no longer showing the P so the symbology better reflects the actual airfield type. QuickInfo window for that airfield and the Airfield Summary window will now list "(PPR)" in the name of these airfields.
  • IMPROVED: Post FlightStatistics pop-up for Heli's is now hidden when hovering, when aircrafttype is set to Heli in the currently selected Aircraft Profile.
  • FIXED: When rotating the tablet/phone while editing Aircraft Profile settings EV4 would crash.
  • FIXED: EasyVFR 4 menu -> Help and Legal -> About EasyVFR 4 now works again on Android.
  • FIXED: On PC or when using landscape the GAFOR Full text buttons are too short.
  • FIXED: TrackUp display of NOTAMS on map displaced NOTAM text depending on rotation.
  • FIXED: When downloading NOTAMS from the Flight Documentation window the progress bar will be coloured orange during the download and processing so its consistent with the METARS and TAFS buttons behavior.
  • FIXED: When the detailed AirfieldInfo was called from the airfield summary bar then a tap on this AirfieldInfo screen could trigger the activation of an approach plate on the invisible summary bar.
  • FIXED: Flightplan Filing option Other Info rendered text garbled.
  • FIXED: Flight Documentation sometimes did not show EFB documents for all airfields used in a route.
  • FIXED: Flight Documentation sometimes duplicated EFB documents for airfields used in a route.
  • FIXED: Many Android devices did not keep their screen on when running the latest version of EasyVFR4.
  • FIXED: Manually created logbook entries where not stored if in the past a logbook entry with overlapping timeframe has been deleted.
  • FIXED: When the trial period was expired and a new license was obtained, EasyVFR 4 would not pickup the new license and instead closes the application.








4.0.929 -> Promoted to app stores (20SEP2021)

  • NEW: UK CAA Style airspace depiction is now available using EasyVFR 4 menu->Moving Map->Select AeroData Charting Theme.
  • IMPROVED: Dynon DataExchange various improvements and fixes.
  • IMPROVED: When a logbook entry is created and more then one possible arrival or departure airfield is found, then the nearest one suitable to the current aircraftprofile settings will be chosen.
  • IMPROVED: When saving a route the Filter input field caused a lot of confusion; many users thought the new filename should be typed there. For this reason the Filter option is removed when saving a route.
  • IMPROVED: When saving a route under a name that already exists EV4 will now ask a confirmation to overwrite it.
  • IMPROVED: Few airfield labeling rules changed.
  • IMPROVED: Highlighting of NOTAMS and Airspaces from QuickInfo on various different screen layouts.
  • FIXED: When zooming in on a runway to "microscopic level" so both ends of the runway go off the screen far enough then sometimes the runway was not rendered.
  • FIXED: When moving a leg up or down in the routewindow the associated icon was not moved with it.
  • FIXED: It is now possible to remove the Alternate Airports from the route.
  • FIXED: When editing/adding place of departure/arrival in a logbook entry spaces are no longer removed.

4.0.924 beta (14AUG2021)

  • NEW: When using a traffic device like PAW, SkyEcho, Flarm etc THEN regardless if the traffic and own ship are on collision course , the target will be be depicted using the amber colour instead of the default grey to stand out more if lateral distance to target divided by combined speed is less then 120 seconds
  • NEW: When in flight mode the track line will now show a 10NM distance marker.
  • NEW: Logbook can now be automatically synchronised between devices via EasyVFR cloud if the option "Store on EasyVFR cloud"  in menu->Flightlog maintenance is enabled.
  • IMPROVED: Dynon Data Exchange now warns a user on iOS and Android this feature is only available for owners of an AvionicsData Wireless USB stick.
  • IMPROVED: When in flight mode EV4 will now render breadcrumbs for the last hour only to avoid clutter. When not in flight mode then all known breadcrumbs are still rendered.
  • IMPROVED: Background location data updates now collect using a higher frequency
  • IMPROVED: Logbook creating now analyses for touch & goes also.
  • IMPROVED: Runway centreline extension feathers are now rendered at higher camera altitudes then previously
  • IMPROVED: When selecting a runway via QuickInfo->Airfield Info to limit the number of drawn runway extension centrelines to exactly one now allows to "unselect" the selected runway so all runway centrelines extension feathers are drawn again.
  • IMPROVED: Google Map tiles overlay toggling on/off has been moved from myEasyVFR to mapLayer->AeroData
  • IMPROVED: When background location updates are enabled by the user but associated rights are not set for the operating system then EV4 will give a warning.
  • IMPROVED: When multiple GPS Sources (for example SkyEcho2 is used with a tablet that has intern GPS also) then the breadcrumbs rendered on the map will be drawn using the data from the external unit only and will complement missing data from the internal GPS only when needed. This avoids the drawing of those funny "double track breadcrumbs".
  • IMPROVED: Dynon SkyView flight plan transferring only was possible when the SkyView reported a valid GPS fix. This check is now removed.
  • IMPROVED: When doing a pinch-zoom, panning is no longer disabled.
  • FIXED: A memory leak causing EV4 to crash after a few hours in flight mode.
  • FIXED: Routes stored in iOS iCloud via the Files app can now be loaded into EasyVFR4FIXED: When EasyVFR4 is still running at the switch of an AIRAC cycle then the "AeroData is out of date" warning will now be shown.
  • FIXED: Various automatic routing issues.
  • FIXED: When selecting countries Large population areas are no longer obscuring the map.
  • FIXED: When selecting countries Airport Features like VFR routes are no longer obscuring the map.
  • FIXED: Collapsing NOTAMS to one single line in the RouteWindow-NOTAMS tab.
  • FIXED: Adding the departure airfield also as destination via QuickInfo->Airfield info is now also possible.
  • FIXED: Sometimes when filing a flight plan the PIC Name was not transferred to the ATC unit.
  • FIXED: Dynon DataExchange did sometimes not update all required files, causing the Dynon SkyView units complaining about databases being out of date (the Approach Plates in this case).
  • FIXED: MacOS Big Sur M1 showed only a white screen since latest Big Sur M1 update when running the iOS version 

4.0.911 beta (18JUN2021)

  • NEW: Prepared everything to render Airport features like taxiways, runway holding points, arrival routes, departure routes, traffic circuits, fuel stations, ATS offices, windsocks etc
  • NEW: Using menu->system->units->[Latitude/longitude notation] it is now possible to select between Decimal Degrees (DDeg), Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS) or Degrees decimal Minutes (DDMin) for latitude/longitude displays
  • NEW: Google Maps Tiles now have an extra level added so when zooming in a bit more detail is obtained.
  • NEW: Import of route files created by 3rd party flightplan apps.
  • NEW: When in flightmode the trackline will now show a 10NM distance marker ahead.
  • IMPROVED: Instead of decluttering airfields when zooming out EasyVFR 4 will now always render all airfields, and instead render their symbols smaller to prevent cluttering.
  • IMPROVED: ADSB / FLARM traffic in less than 120 seconds range, without crossing course, will be depicted in amber instead of the default grey color to let it stand out more.
  • IMPROVED: Google Map tiles overlay toggling on/off has been moved from myEasyVFR to mapLayer->Aerodata
  • IMPROVED: When viewing the NOTAM map preset with Smart Airspaces ENABLED, will now color the by NOTAM and by AUP activated airspaces also ping / Purple instead of the hardly distinguishable gray scale.
  • IMPROVED: Breadcrumb rendering is now more distinct.
  • IMPROVED: Routes stored in iOS iCloud via the Files app can now be loaded into EasyVFR4.
  • FIXED: Import of routes on Android 11 now works again. NOTE: Importing via the old style (copying the file to the EasyVFRImport directory) is not possible anymore due to new Android requirements.
  • FIXED: Extremely long NOTAMS were shown corrupted, as a single line or not at all.






4.0.899 -> Promoted to app stores (16APR2021)

  • FIXED: Logbook creation after flying, both automatically as the manual ones (via menu->General->daily Breadcrumbs maintenance.
  • FIXED: Exporting of breadcrumbs and routes on Android 11 devices.
  • CHANGED: Removal of backward compatibility to access files in other directories than owned by EasyVFR4 itself. This is a new requirement from Google and was forced upon us to release this version via Google Play Store. As a result route imports from 3rd party planners isn't possible on Android 11 devices, we will address this issue ASAP.

4.0.897 beta (03APR21)

  • NEW: Voice guidance for upcoming leg change.
  • FIXED: Dragging route waypoint was broken since version 4.0.893.

4.0.894 beta (26MAR2021)

  • NEW: Available fuel is now shown per airfield using symbology on the map. If no aircraft profile is selected then all fuel types will be displayed for each airfield. If an aircraft profile is selected where JetA1 is selected as fuel then only JetA1 fuel labels are rendered on the map. If Avgas is selected as fuel type in the aircraft profiles then all 100(LL) labels are rendered. If mogas or "other" is selected as fuel type in the aircraft profile then all except JetA1 is rendered on the map.
  • NEW: The runway centerline extension feather is now always drawn when the runway ident in QuickInfo->Airfield info is tapped. It doesn't have to be part of a route anymore. 
  • NEW: Ukraine is added as supported country.
  • NEW: Bulgaria is added as supported country.
  • NEW: Greenland is added as supported country.
  • IMPROVED: When flightmode is activated EV4 automatically creates a local flight definition in RouteWindow, and now directly activates it as active route instead of leaving it as draft route for the user to confirm.
  • IMPROVED: the "big finger" rubberband offset applied on multitouch devices no gradually increases to its max distance depending on distance travelled by the user.
  • IMPROVED: Various tweaks for menu->downloads menu->Dynon Data exchange
  • FIXED: Sometimes in Windows landscape, the W&B screen layout had impossible small sliders.
  • FIXED: EasyVFR 4 menu -> myEasyVFR did not render the trashcan button for charts that are already downloaded to the device.
  • FIXED: EasyVFR 4 menu- > Downloads Menu -> Dynon SkyView Data Exchange, did sometimes not init all downloadable item lines correctly causing weird behavior like never-ending download instructions.

4.0.890 beta (16MAR2021)

  • NEW: Runway extension. Map Layers -> AeroData now has a toggle to turn off/on runway extension line feathers for airfields in your route. Regardless of this setting, when marking a runway in QuickInfo->Airport by tapping on its ident then EV4 will render a runway centerline extension for that specific runway.
  • NEW: Actual flight time and distance flown. Route totals in the routewindow now keep track of actual flight time and ground distance flown.
  • NEW: Auto local flight. When flightmode gets enabled (either manually or automatically) and no route is loaded yet on the routewindow then EasyVFR 4 will automatically create a local flight route based on backtracking today's breadcrumb to determine the actual takeoff position and time.
  • NEW: Logbook entries are now automatically created without the need for manual activation to extract them from daily breadcrumbs.
  • NEW: When single-tapping anywhere in the VPV, the moving map will pan to that tapped location and show either detailed airfield info or detailed airspace info depending on if the tap was at the bottom scale of the VPV or in the airspace area.
  • IMPROVED: Minor improvements to descend to destination profiling in the VPV to eliminate some of the "weird vertical profiles" in the VPV.
  • IMPROVED: Dynon Data exchange. Approach Plates now get downloaded from the Dynon Data Exchange window because nobody understood only the plates that were already downloaded are actually copied. This has now become an "all or nothing" operation: when the Dynon Sync is done, EasyVFR will make sure all approach plates for all selected countries are downloaded, regardless of how long it takes. The user has no influence on this anymore.
  • IMPROVED: When inserting a route point into a leg then EasyVFR will no longer increase planned altitude for the newly created leg if terrain for the newly created leg is higher than for the existing leg. When a point is added to the route then this auto-adjusting to the highest terrain still takes place.
  • IMPROVED: When tapping a NOTAM on the routewindow to highlight it on the map, then the on map NOTAM text won't get shown anymore if the routewindow is still open (because the NOTAM text can still be read on that routewindow then).
  • CHANGED: On Windows when opening a PDF, EasyVFR 4 will always launch an external viewer instead of creating an in-app viewer. This is done because some in-app viewers cause EV4 to freeze when the users want to print the PDF for example.
  • CHANGED: Infofields for legs at the routewindow for both planning and flightmode.
  • CHANGED: Daily Breadcrumb maintenance is now moved to EasyVFR 4 menu- > System. They are currently stored indefinitely, but upcoming versions will restrict this to a specific date frame as soon as the automatic logbook creation turns out to be working ok (breadcrumbs are copied to the logbook for the specific flight duration so the original daily breadcrumb can safely be deleted). Breadcrumbs are just kept for debugging purposes still.
  • FIXED: When exporting a route with a space in the filename EV4 would crash if exported on an iOS device
  • FIXED: EV4 could crash in some circumstances when opening the AirspaceCrossed tab.
  • FIXED: When using an iPhone with a notch in landscape mode ev4 would keep a top part of the screen unused.
  • FIXED: EV4 would crash when dragging the destination of a route on the map
  • FIXED: EV4 would freeze when on startup, flightmode was enabled and AeroData needed to get updated due to the start of a new Airac cycle
  • FIXED: When a local flight was active and EV4 showed WX for the upcoming ours in the VP then when rotating the screen the VPV would jump to the farthest time point to the right.
  • FIXED: When a country was added and then Dynon SkyView Data Exchange was chosen before the EFB catalog was updated in the background then EV4 would not copy the plates for the newly added country to the Dynon memory stick.
  • FIXED: Flightplan filing new firewall conditions setup by RocketRoute broke Flightplan filing.
  • FIXED: When using landscape screen orientation the infofields could become extremely small.

4.0.882 beta (26FEB2021)

  • NEW: Sound and Voice Airspace Warnings are added to the 2 minutes ahead airspace warning popup and airspace high-lite.
  • NEW: EasyVFR 4 menu -> Alarms and Warnings now has the option to auto-suppress airspace warnings when within a given distance of departure or arrival airfield of your planned route.
  • IMPROVED: Scalebar on the moving map now uses a more logical division
  • IMPROVED: Airspacewarning popup now gives remark text also if applicable
  • IMPROVED: If an airspace warning is about a TMZ or Squawk area where its recommended or required to set a listening squawk then the airspace warning will show this more explicitly.
  • IMPROVED: VPV Two-finger pinch-zooming on the VPV
  • FIXED: Android11 now integrates with external PDF viewers correctly again
  • FIXED: Luxembourg plates get now downloaded when Belgium is selected
  • FIXED: When using a GDL90 source (SkyEcho2, Stratux etc) for traffic information but using the internal GPS as ownership location then when the GDL90 source internal GPS was inoperative or did not have a fix then received traffic would be displayed at the wrong location.
  • FIXED: When an airspace warning was snoozed then the next airspace warning in the queue was not shown if its alert level was less then the level of the airspace snoozed.
  • FIXED: Sometimes remarks on the Airfield Info page of the QuickInfo wheel got corrupted.

4.0.870 beta (09FEB2021)

  • NEW: When a georeferenced approach plate is selected then when the summary window is activated a [PDF] button is available to quickly open the corresponding PDF
  • NEW: On iOS and windows, when activating a PDF from the AirfieldInfo window (accessible for example through the QuickWheel or Presets A/B when a route is loaded) the PDF will be shown within EasyVFR4 instead of asking the user to select which PDF app he/she wishes to use.
  • IMPROVED: Performance on all Android's has slightly improved.
  • FIXED: Slow performance on devices upgraded to Android 11 has been solved. Android 11 is now even faster than the previous versions.
  • FIXED: Sometimes during very specific conditions while route planning the AirspaceHide filter minimum altitude was set to zero (0) causing all airspaces to disappear from the map.
  • FIXED: EasyVFR 4 menu->my Userwaypoints did not scroll enough to make it possible to edit the last items on the list
  • FIXED: Removed Billing permission from android manifest
  • FIXED: Memory leak on windows, Android and MacOS






4.0.866 -> Promoted to app stores (28JAN2021)

  • IMPROVED: Minor improvement to rivers rendering
  • FIXED: Stability on some iPad and iPhone models

4.0.865 beta (22JAN2021)

  • NEW: menu->my Userwaypoints now has the option to save or restore all user waypoints to/From PocketFMS cloud.
  • NEW: prepared for more detailed small rivers and canals in most countries (updated datasets will become available upcoming week)
  • NEW: Users can now signup for EV4 betatesting using menu->myEasyVFR->Participate as Betatester. When that option is enabled then with every new betaversion of EV4 the user will be notified about this when EV4 is started
  • IMPROVED: menu->moving map->Airspace Settings now returns to the menu when exiting instead of closing it.
  • IMPROVED: Layer Menu->Weather->DWD GAFOR Full briefing now returns to the menu when exiting instead of closing it.
  • IMPROVED: menu->myEasyVFR took a few seconds before the [Close] button was working due to downloading of rasterchart license info.
  • FIXED: RouteWindow->Options->Export to GPX on iOS now copies correctly to our AvionicsData WiFi USB stick
  • FIXED: QuickInfo window->Airspaces would render the phrase "view NOTAM" out of screenspace.
  • FIXED: When Advanced WX Data w2as downloading while a route calculation was taken place inthe background the EV4 could crash
  • FIXED: Sometimes the VPV would render the SigWX symbol belonging to the very last timeframe of the entire Advanced WX dateset across the entire VPV window as if this sigwx applied to all points in time
  • FIXED: QuickInfo->airfield Info sometimes dod not display lengthly remarks correctly.
  • FIXED: Airfieldnames where often truncated at the ( sign in their names
  • FIXED: Breadcrumbs where rendered like "spiderwebs" when EV4 was connected to a simulator (FSX, easysim, xplane) due to the two different sources (internal GPS and external GDL90) not lining up
  • FIXED: QuickInfo->Airspace Info [View NOTAM] link to see the notam that activated the airspace did not always work

4.0.859 beta (12JAN2021)

  • NEW: When an airspace is activated by NOTAM then the QuickInfo window will list a [View NOTAM] link on the airspace info window for that airspace
  • NEW: It is now possible to use Place/Bearing/Distance notation in the AeroDataSearch window (for example menu->search)
  • NEW: When rubberbanding a route EV4 will now show all known "snappable" objects in the area of the mouse pointer regardless if these are normally hidden or not. When rubberbanding ends the normal decluttering is restored.
  • NEW: When rubberbanding a route the SnapToWaypoint now occurs during the rubberbanding itself and not when released, so placement of the inserted point is much more logical now.
  • NEW: The WorkInProgress route now uses yellowish route bullet icons on the moving map instead of the default pink ones. 
  • NEW: When tapping a NOTAM text on the Route Planning menu or the QuickInfo-NOTAM page to get it highlighted on the movingmap then the NOTAM text will also be shown as annotation text as long as the NOTAM is highlighted on the movingmap.
  • NEW: When an AeroData object listed in QuickInfo->AeroData objects window is part of either the active or scratch route then a corresponding route bullet will be shown.
  • NEW: When an airspace warning popup is tapped by the user to highlight the airspace on the map, then the same airspace will be highlighted on the VPV also.
  • NEW: When a user selects an airspace for highlighting on the map then that same airspace will be highlighted on the VPV also.
  • IMPROVED: NOTAM briefing on the Route Planning menu and QuickInfo-NOTAM page now show a [Tap to View} icon in the left side margin to indicate a tap will pan&zoom to that NOTAM on the map
  • IMPROVED: Inline text input field now has a small X most right to enable clearing of the typed text with one single tap
  • FIXED: Weather depiction on moving map and VPV for points within 0.01 degrees of every 10th degree latitude or longitude ("EDDH" Bug)

4.0.846 beta (21DEC2020)

  • FIXED: Previous version could freeze a lot when performing VPV route calculations
  • FIXED: Previous version could corrupt routes when downloading NOTAMS
  • IMPROVED: menu->Downloads->Dynon SkyView (to download and copy Dynon SkyView related files to a memorystick to be used in a SkyView) has improved error handling.

4.0.841 beta (29NOV2020)

  • NEW: Menu->Search now allows to search using "free text" using Google. For example searches like "golden gate bridge", postal-codes or addresses are possible.
  • NEW: Menu->Search now has an option to download Google Maps satellite images for an approx 2x2nm area around the found location. 
  • NEW: Android version now allows location-updates in the background even when the device screen is not on. To enable this go to EasyVFR 4 Menu->System, enabled [Location updates when app in background]. Android while now ask permission to let EasyVFR 4 use your location all the time. Tap "allow all the time".
  • IMPROVED: Horizontal swiping over the bottom bar to switch map-presets is less sensitive and has an improved "animation".
  • IMPROVED: VPV Terrain profiling now has higher resolution.
  • IMPROVED: Detailed WeatherData collecting for routes is moved to a background thread what should result in more responsive loading and manipulation of routes.
  • CHANGED: While using the one-finger-zoom-slider, it now stays active even when the pointer goes left of the zoom-slider-area, where previously EV4 would switch to map panning.
  • CHANGED: Search window -> The button Depart is moved to the same row as the insert, append and delete buttons.
  • CHANGED: NOTAMs about erected obstacles where always hidden from the routebriefing for a flight (but not from the tripkit) and always rendered on the map with an obstacle symbol. The maplayers->NOTAMs submenu now has the option to no longer hide Obstacle NOTAMS from the routebriefing, and the obstacle symbol on the map will get a pink NOTAM circle highlight also.
  • FIXED: Momentum scrolling in VPV.
  • FIXED: Various issues with the VPV when a route went over an area for which no aerodata or terrain was available.
  • FIXED: When activating the routewindow docked to the left side of the screen, the resized VPV window could get screwed up.
  • FIXED: Lefthand circuits on runways 000-180 had their circuit-altitudes overlapping the circuit-direction arrow.
  • FIXED: When repeatedly updating the QuickInfo query position by tapping on the screen while the QuickInfo window is visible, the Airfield Info page will now get updated to the latest tapped position also.
  • FIXED: When zooming in on the VPV, eventually all data would disappear when virtual X coordinate system spans more than 32767. A zoom stop is now implement to prevent this from happening.
  • FIXED: When dragging the departure location of a route EV4 would crash.
  • FIXED: When adding user waypoints via menu->my UserWaypoints, EV4 allowed entries to start with the reserved keyword TCK. This is now prevented.
  • FIXED: When deleting today's breadcrumb file a new one was not created and breadcrumbs for the rest of the day where lost.
  • FIXED: When downloading a PDF document using QuickInfo->Airfield Info EV4 would give an error trying to launch the PDF after download completed. A second attempt to open did work.
  • FIXED: Android version did not auto-select and Auto-clear text input fields.
  • FIXED: Toggling the various weather elements to display on the VPV in the Map Layers menu did not update the VPV immediately.

4.0.831 beta (11NOV2020)

  • NEW: iOS and Android version now keep track of G-load experienced. The current G-Load value can be monitored realtime by setting up an Info field and is also exported in daily- and flightlog exports of breadcrumbs
  • NEW: W&B graph in AircraftProfiles now displays the takeoff weight, zero fuel weight and overweight/underload in textual format.
  • IMPROVED: SpotElevations for various countries now contain mountain names also. For this, to work country data should be refreshed by unselecting/selecting the country again. Currently, GBR and CHE are done, others are coming
  • IMPROVED: Exporting routes (GPX,XML,FPL for Dynon, MGL, Garmin) now supports direct copy to memorystick (Windows and MacOs version) and wireless to our AvionicsData-WiFi memorystick (Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS)
  • IMPROVED: Powerlines are now rendered without a white outline to make them less prominent.
  • IMPROVED: Route Planign menu->Route Tools->Aircraft Profile: the options load aircraft and example aircraft are now multithreaded so it doesn't take long waiting times anymore before they show the result.
  • IMPROVED: When a raster chart is selected then absolute terrain and hill shading are no longer applied to these.
  • FIXED: When unselecting a country than previously downloaded EFB content for that country was not deleted.
  • FIXED: The last AeroData object would never get labelled; this was most noticeable when a single user waypoint was created in an area for which no AeroData was loaded.
  • FIXED/CHANGED: Memory usage on Windows in another attempt to make it more stable when using raster charts.
  • FIXED: Crashing after EV4 was running for several hours.

4.0.824 beta (28OCT2020)

  • IMPROVED: When adding new user waypoints the prefilled ShortName, description and lat/lon will be made empty automatically to avoid the annoyance of having to clear that first.
  • IMPROVED: Updated language files for Finland, Portugal, and Germany.
  • IMPROVED: When the Summary window is open and the user taps on the map and then selects an option from the QuickInfo wheel the summary window will close automatically to avoid it overlapping the QuickInfo window.
  • IMPROVED: When entering latitude or longitude values in EasyVFR 4 menu->myUserwaypoints, spaces as separator values are no longer needed.
  • IMPROVED: Internal changes to better handle specific Android 10 issues.
  • FIXED: Windows and iOS versions asked twice if the user was sure to exit.
  • FIXED: Sometimes VPV did not render airspace correctly if the route departed and landed in the same airspace.
  • FIXED: Sometimes the QuickInfo window was drawn beneath the bottom menubar, causing it to be obstructed partly.
  • FIXED: Missing terrain tile for Northern Switzerland. To install this please deselect Switzerland first from your selected countries (menu->downloads->Select Countries), select [OK], then select Switzerland again to download the improved terrain data.
  • FIXED: Missing terrain tile for Southern Germany. To install this please deselect Germany first from your selected countries (menu->downloads->Select Countries), select [OK], then select Germany again to download the improved terrain data.
  • FIXED: Sometimes the Altitude AGL info-field showed 0 or a clearly erratic value.
  • FIXED: Sometimes the VPV syncSlider could obscure the QuickInfo Window when that was docked to the left when using EV4 in landscape mode.

4.0.821 beta (19OCT2020)

  • NEW: When using EasyVFR 4 menu->Search and the search result holds exactly one result for the currently selected tab, then that result will be auto-selected.
  • IMPROVED: ILS frequencies in QuickInfo->Airfield Info now show only 2 instead of 3 decimals.
  • IMPROVED: EasyVFR 4 menu->Downloads Menu->AeroData Validity now sorts the list on the country name.
  • IMPROVED: Dutch, Finnish, German, Italian, and Portuguese interface language.
  • IMPROVED: Some additional Flightplan filing messages are implemented.
  • CHANGED: Developer Tweaks menu now only contains "harmless" items for a user to try.
  • CHANGED: When the windows version gets minimized then auto downloads are suspended and EV4 will run in "relaxed" mode while in the background.
  • CHANGED: When the user has selected a rasterchart then EV4 will limit the number of vector map layers drawn outside that rastchart area to land and lakes only to minimize memory usage, which could be improving stability for the windows version.
  • FIXED: Dynon export to USB stick on some Windows 10 systems did not work correctly.
  • FIXED: After tapping a few times on the map with the QuickInfo window still open (for example for querying airspace information) then after ~15 taps, the QuickInfo window would not appear anymore.
  • FIXED: When a route crossed a country border the VPV often did not render terrain elevation for a part of the route after the border crossing.
  • FIXED: Sometimes spot elevations were not displayed on QuickInfo->Airspaces when the queries position was close to a country border.
  • FIXED: Sometimes the progress window close button was visible through a non-modal window (logbook and breadcrumbs for example).
  • FIXED: Sideview icons for floatplane, glider, and flexplane are now included.
  • FIXED: When zooming into "microscopic" camera altitude on a destination airfield the extended runway centerline ILSFeathers could get rendered north or south instead if according to runway track.
  • FIXED: EasyVFR 4 menu->flightlog maintenance will not adjust to new screen dimensions when the device is rotated.
  • FIXED: EasyVFR 4 menu-?flightlog maintenance now allows scrolling when entering a new logbook entry or modifying an existing one.
  • FIXED: When editing the duration of a flight in EasyVFR 4 menu->Flightlog maintenance the adjusted duration was not updated on the main list of flights.
  • FIXED: EasyVFR 4 menu->Flightlog maintenance now accepts a / or \ in the TO and landing location.

4.0.815 beta (12OCT2020)

  • NEW: QuickInfo wheel->Airfield info, now gives ILS Ident, ILS Freq and ILS course detail data for runways that have an ILS available.
  • IMPROVED: Dragging VPV leg altitudes now respect setting EasyVFR 4 menu->System->Rubberband by tap&hold.
  • IMPROVED: When filing a flightplan which contains Greece VFR-reporting-points, then those Greece VFR-reporting-points will NOT be encoded as lat/lon but listed by Ident, as required by Greece ATC.
  • IMPROVED: Flightplan filing will now use IFR waypoints and 3 letter VORs ID directly in the route-string and no longer converts them to latitude/longitude.
  • IMPROVED: Date&Time picker is less scroll sensitive and now no longer run off the screen when scrolling beyond most far date or time.
  • IMPROVED: VPV and QuickInfo wheel->Airspace info, now uses a side-view of heli, microlight, multiengine when that aircraft type is selected for the selected aircraft profile. Side-views for Glider, Flexwing, and Floatplane are currently being created.
  • IMPROVED: Traffic voice warnings now correctly use a singular verb when the distance to traffic is 1nm or less.
  • IMPROVED: InfoFields now always uses N/A consistently instead of mixed uses of N/A vs n/a.
  • FIXED: EasyVFR 4 menu->Download->Dynon Skyview data exchange, only showed ApproachPlates to export when the user also has bought a raster chart.
  • FIXED: When using sliders on the W&B screen of the aircraft profile could trigger unit change if sliding to the left went off the slider area.
  • FIXED: Checkmark icons on buttons could overlap the label text on those buttons.

4.0.814 beta (01OCT2020)

  • NEW: Portugese, Italian and Czech language files
  • FIXED: When the search window (from menu) is open, and then anything is opened from the quick info wheel, the windows collide.
  • FIXED: Cancelling out on Edit Waypoint via QuickInfo->RoutePoints caused an incorrect modification of the route.
  • FIXED: VPV with routewindow docked permanently to the leftside renders altitudes while changing planned altitudes too far to the right.
  • FIXED: When planning a localflight (by using time&radius in the routewindow) NOTAMS for the departure airfield are NOT briefed if the option maplayer->NOTAMs->Hide Airport NOTAMS is enabled (what is the case by default)
  • FIXED: myUserwaypoints accepts totally redicilous latitudes and longitudes; en when such a waypoint is used in EV4 routeplanning the EV4 freezes/crashed
  • FIXED: When flightplanning in an area with a timezone LESS then zero (for example UTC-4), then it was impossible to plan flight starting before the abs value if that timetime.
  • FIXED: AirspaceSettings rendered wrongly when used in landcape mode.
  • FIXED: TripKit included randomly the 119 pages DFS Airfields details PDF (for those who have a subscription to the DFS plates) because it was- by design- specified as neither VFR nor IFR. From now on this DFS Airfields details PDF will never be merged in the tripkit.
  • CHANGED: iOS texts to get access to location data.
  • CHANGED: Various language files

4.0.810 beta (24SEP2020)

  • NEW: TripKit (Route Planning menu > Route Tools > Flight Briefing) now allows adding Airfield plates and documents for airfields involved in the route.
  • NEW: Various input fields now support tap&hold to clear text or paste from clipboard (Windows, macOS and iOS; Android had this already implemented on text fields)
  • IMPROVED: On iOS14 the local network privacy popup will be automatically triggered so no tricky workarounds are needed anymore when using an UDP based electronic conspicuity device.
  • IMPROVED: EasyVFR 4 menu > Downloads > AeroData Validity, now returns to the menu when exited instead of closing that menu.
  • IMPROVED: EasyVFR 4 menu > Downloads > Dynon SkyView, now returns to the menu when exited instead of closing that menu.
  • IMPROVED: Default Altitude unit is removed because it caused too much confusion for glider pilots that expected all airspaces upper/lower limits everywhere to appear in that newly selected unit also.
  • IMPROVED: VRP labeling on the VPV
  • IMPROVED: Route export to GARMIN (routewindow->tools->Export GARMIN) now uses user waypoint IDs that get accepted by older G1000 systems also.
  • FIXED: macOS version had some debug remnants that caused a slow down when switching to a different language.
  • FIXED: macOS version popped up a reminder for a new version even if that new version was already installed.
  • FIXED: macOS version could crash when selecting a georeferenced approach plate is selected for overlay on the map.
  • FIXED: Landscape usage of EasyVFR 4 menu > myUserwaypoints.
  • FIXED: Route Planning menu: NOTAM briefing for a local flight(time&radius from a departure location) where the local flight area of interest covered multiple FIRS only NOTAMS for the FIR the departure point was in was given.
  • FIXED: IFR Waypoints were hidden with camera alt is 6 or lower.
  • FIXED: Search Window, when selecting an AeroData object below one that was already selected, EV4 picked the wrong one.
  • FIXED: When adding the departure airport also as a destination without any intermediate waypoints in between EV4 would crash.
  • FIXED: When for the WorkingOn route a temporary waypoint (TCKxx) was moved or dragged to a non-temporary waypoint (IFR waypoint, placename etc) then the original temporary waypoint was still visible on the screen as a ghost waypoint.
  • FIXED: Mousewheel scrolling in myEasyVFR.
  • FIXED: Mousewheel scrolling in menu->MovingMap->Airspace Settings.
  • FIXED: Airspaces which are specified as "do not show on Moving Map" in EasyVFR 4 menu > MovingMap > Airspace are now not rendered on the Moving Map anymore.
  • FIXED: AUP usage by MovingMap, QuickInfo, and Route Planning menu did not take Map Interest Timespan start&end into account.
  • FIXED: The [Undo] button for a leg change on the Moving Map was not positioned correctly when the Route Planning menu was docked permanently on the left side.
  • FIXED: When Routewindow was docked permanently on the left side trying to make altitude changes in the VPV by dragging a leg up or down, then the wrong leg was picked.
  • FIXED: Smartmap Not active Airspaces transparency now uses a range of 80-100% instead of 0-100% to avoid solid filled airspaces.
  • FIXED: When entering numbers to change a leg planned altitude in routeWindow sometimes input was not accepted and enter did not accept the change.
  • FIXED: Yellow Distance&Bearing arrow did not appear when PlanePos was under the VPV.
  • FIXED: When the Route Planning menu is docked permanently to the right a pan&view to a selected waypoint will no longer close that Route Planning menu.

4.0.803 beta (13SEP2020)

  • NEW: Dynon EFIS data exchange via menu->Downloads 
  • FIXED: Selected Aircraft profile name was not rendered correctly on the Aircraft Profile selection screen
  • FIXED: Alternate selection via RouteWindow rendered all found objects on a single line 
  • FIXED: Occacional crash when deleting route waypoints
  • FIXED: When extremely zooming out on Windows EV4 could crash
  • FIXED: Runway extension "ILS feathers" would sometimes appear when zooming in far in an airfield for which the ILS feathers are not ment. 
  • FIXED: Modal windows now re-orient correctly when the device is rotated from landscape to portrait or visa versa.
  • FIXED: Sometimes when zooming in as far as possible EV4 would freeze and required a restart. This was most noticable on high latitudes nd western longitudes (USA area).
  • FIXED: When running EV4 with all UI hidden a one-finger zoom would enable all UI buttons again. 
  • FIXED: Mousewheel scrolling in AircraftProfiles now work correctly.
  • FIXED: Some systems who use external GPS sources flipped frequently between those external GPS source and the internal GPS. 
  • IMPROVED: menu->Search now scrolls correctly if more items are found that can be listed on the screen
  • IMPROVED: menu->search now uses larger action buttons if possible. 
  • IMPROVED: Besides the RoutePlanning window now the AeroData Search, QuickInfo and Flightlog windows can be resized also. 
  • IMPROVED: Adding/Removing countrydata is moved to menu->Downloads
  • IMPROVED: When using small devices in landscape some modal windows where just too small.

4.0.789 (09AUG2020)

  • NEW: Extended runway centerline using ILS feathers for airifelds that are part of the route. Default all available runways are rendered with these "ILS style feathers", but when a specific runway is tagged in QuickInfo->Airfield Info then only that tagged runway will have this "ILS Feather style" runway centerline extension. 
  • IMPROVED: RouteWindow->Takeoff Airfield can now be any location (not only airfields, but also user waypoints, IFR waypoints etc).
  • IMPROVED: On Android and iOS a new way is implemented to determine if the device is actually connected to the internet, or to a WiFi device that does not provide any internet connection at all (SkyEcho2, flarm, PAW etc).
  • IMPROVED: VPV Planesymbol size is now the same as the planesymbol size on the movingmap, also respecting the planesymbol magnification value.
  • FIXED: RouteWindow->Tools menu->Delay ATC flightplan caused EV4 to crash
  • FIXED: Summary window sometimes covered the bottom menubar
  • FIXED: AirspaceLabels in VPV discrepancy (fontsize and sometimes "jumping arround")
  • FIXED: Crash when exiting menu->MovingMap->AirspaceSettings
  • FIXED: Download issues
  • FIXED: When maplayers->smartmap settings->[Not Active Airspaces transparency] was 90% or higher then often also labels for active airspaces where no longer rendered.
  • FIXED: menu->Flightlog Maintenance->Daily Breadcrumbs->Breadcrumb Tools->Share Daily breadcrumb file crashed on iOS

4.0.784 beta (02AUG2020)

  • There are a number of stability improvements in this version, though a few issues still remain. We thought however this version brings enough benefits already so it would be a shame not to release it already.  Plan for the upcoming week is to continue simulator tests to get the last crashes out.
  • NEW: When in flightmode the routewindow Navlog switches from planning relevant LIB fields to in-flight relevant LIB fields like ETO, EET, Fuel to burn to Destination, for each point in the route. The current active leg is based on current GS, subsequent legs there after still keep planned IAS and W/V for calculations
  • NEW: Custom designed animated aircraft symbols (like with EV3) are now also supported
  • NEW: Infofields Current ATC Freq, Current ACT callsign, Next ATC time, Next ATC Freq and Next ATC callsign are implemented. 
  • NEW: When in flightmode flying a route "precisely as planned" then the VPV will show its content based on the planned route and not on the track ahead, meaning weather forecast and vertical profile (top of climb/top of descend etc). EV4 considers "precisely flying" when deviation from track is less then 3NM and current track is within 15 degrees from planned track (XTK <= 3 and XTE <= 15 is considered "flying precisely on planned track". These parameters can be changed using menu->System,[Routeplanning flying on track] parameters
  • IMPROVED: a lot of usability improvements when using EasyVFR4 in landscape. RouteWindow is then default docked to the left, MovingMap adjusts to smaller viewport. 
  • IMPROVED: When QuickInfo->Airfield info is triggered from the smaller summary window then this smaller summary window is closed automatically.
  • IMPROVED: automatic-routing terrain following optimalisations
  • IMPROVED: Action buttons in Search Result window are now shown directly beneath the selected aerodata object so its easier to recognize what to do for the first time user
  • IMPROVED: Better detection if internet is really available and not a deadend via devices like stratux, skyecho2 etc. This to prevent unnecessary waiting for trying to make connections for example during loading routes. EDIT: It turns out this detection now "chokes" the beginning of downloads (most noticable with EFB charts) about a second. This will be looked at asap for the upcoming version. 
  • IMPROVED: Airplane symbol in the VPV is made larger
  • IMPROVED: When the user switches to the NOTAM or WEATHER map preset (grayscale) and restarts EV4, then EV4 will ask on startup if the user wants to switch back to the NAV map preset.
  • IMPROVED: Automatic Routing cruise altitude calculations (less fluctuating)
  • IMPROVED: when touching the routewindow, the rightside of the RouteWindow now draws a grabbing icon to show its width can be changed by the user
  • IMPROVED: RouteWindow Fuel Total now gives sum of Legs fuel, other fuel (alternate, taxi etc) and Total fuel. 
  • FIXED: Memoryleak leading eventually to a crash when RoutePlanning window was visible. 
  • FIXED: Memoryleak with breadcrumbs leading eventually to a crash if long enough in flightmode
  • FIXED: The VPV did not hide Airspaces that where specified as such in menu->moving map->Airspace Settings
  • FIXED: menu->Flightlog Maintenance->Daily Breadcrumbs did not sort breadcrumbs on date anymore.
  • FIXED: menu->Flightlog maintenance->Daily Breadcrumbs crashed with all export options.
  • FIXED: When selecting Aircraft Profile from the [Load aircraft] or [Example Aircraft] the list did not scroll far enough.
  • FIXED: Total fuel in routeplanning window did not include Alternate fuel.
  • FIXED: Sometimes the WX data on the movingmap would not get initialized at startup.

4.0.770 beta (05JUL2020)

  • This is a significant release where both the VPV and TrackUp rendering modes are now using a cache system, resulting in overall performance improvements, most spectacular when using the movingmap in trackup mode.
  • IMPROVED: When using the zoomslider when in flightmode the map will stay centered on the current plane position.
  • IMPROVED: VPV rendering performance improved, noticable most when flightmode is on
  • IMPROVED: TrackUp rendering performance significantly improved
  • IMPROVED: LoacalFlight text ""Local Flight Weather and NOTAM briefing area" is now rendered off-center top to avoid overlapping the departure airfield.
  • IMPROVED: TMZs with a squawk and known frequency will have these both listed in the airspacelabel
  • IMPROVED: Rastercharts like ICAO 2020 Germany are now much higher in priority, so that layer will be shown much faster then before.
  • FIXED: The scalebar could sometimes we alternating displayed at the bottom or at the right side if the MovingMap's width and height where more or less equal.
  • FIXED: The scalebar could sometimes we alternating displayed at the bottom or at the right side if the MovingMap's width and height where more or less equal.
  • FIXED: The QuickInfo window rendered only single line of text when displayed on top of the routeplanning window.
  • FIXED: Updated FLARM decoder license for users of uavionix SkyEcho2 devices
  • FIXED: Runway Idents that are not allowed to take off from or land into are no longer rendered

4.0.765 beta (26JUN2020)

  • NEW: QuickInfo->Airspace info now displays additional information for an Airspace explaining it is activated via a NOTAM or via the EAUP; EAUP activated airspaces also report exact activation times, upper limits and lower limits
  • NEW: There is a new datalink between EasyVFR and Eurocontrol for all daily European Airspace Use Plans (EAUP) and RSA allocations. Smartmap takes the activation times for airspaces in this EAUP also into account to render such airspaces as active or not.
    This option is currently only available for all betatesters started at or before may 15th 2020 until we optimized the usage of this data.
  • NEW: Airspaces activated by NOTAM are now by default "highlighted" using a purple-ish fill colour so they are recognized quickly. This can be turned off using maplayers->smartmap settings->Highlight ACTIVATED NOTAM airspaces.
  • NEW: Airspaces activated by EAUP are now by default "highlighted" using a blue-ish fill colour so they are recognized quickly. This can be turned off using maplayers->smartmap settings->Highlight ACTIVATED AUP airspaces.
  • NEW: QuickInfo->Airspace Info now give in a red banner if the airspace is activated by NOTAM or by AUP 
  • NEW: QuickInfo window now has convenient Previous Page/Next page buttons
  • NEW: For devices equiped with a pressure sensor two new InfoFields are available : Ambient Pressure and Ambient Pressure altitude. The - 
  • IMPROVED: When using the movingmap fullscreen (aka VPV is disabled) a portion at the top is not used to allow the system status bar to be unclutrered readable. 
  • IMPROVEDvarious performance improvements.
  • IMPROVED: minor changes to some UI colours.
  • IMPROVED: Sort order of runways in QuickInfo->Airfield info is now longest runway first.
  • IMPROVED: NOTAM labels are now displayed in the upper half of the NOTAM circle, this conflicts much less with Airfield labels.
  • IMPROVED: menu->flight log maintenance->Daily breadcrumbs now use a more describe label for each breadcrumbfile found.
  • IMPROVED: When Map Layers->smartmap settings->Not Active Airspaces transparency is 90% or higher then labels for not active airspaces will be surpressed
  • FIXED: Electronic Conspicuity devices who send data using UDP on port 2000 where listed as TCP connected in menu->System->Location (GPS) source.
  • FIXED: When using the cursorkeys on windows or MacOS the map would pan, but not refresh. 
  • FIXED: menu->Flightlog maintenance->Logbook tools -> Restore logbook from cloud was unreachable because Logbook Tools was disabled as long as no logbook entry was manually created.
  • FIXED: VFR Reportingpoints with duplicate names for both ID and description are now no longer labeled twice with the same name.
  • FIXED: Sometimes the VPV rendered two 0NM distance markers on the x-axis when zooming in far.
  • FIXED: When flying trackup, highlighting an airspace could get misaligned when panning the map.

4.0.742 beta (25MAY2020)

  • NEW: [Map Layers Menu] -> [SmartMap Settings] now has an option to extra highlight (purple/pink inside fill) airspaces for which a NOTAM is found that activates that airspace.
  • NEW: [Map Layers Menu] -> [SmartMap Settings] now has an option to extra highlight airspaces (green inside fill) for which a NOTAM is found that de-activates that airspace.
  • NEW: [Map Layers Menu] -> [SmartMap Settings] now has an option to control the transparency of inactive airspaces. 25% means barely transparent, 100% means fully transparent, aka fully invisible.
  • NEW: [Automatic Routing] now has an option to prefer routing over lowest possible terrain elevation. The value given for [Avoid Terrain higher than] is then considered the maximum terrain elevation up to which Automatic Routing should try to find a route. If [Lowest Terrain] is disabled, then the automatic routing will simply avoid all-terrain higher then the given value but will not attempt to follow lowest terrain contours. 
  • NEW: [Automatic Routing] now takes [SmartMap Settings] into account, so it ignores inactive airspaces and routes around temporary by NOTAM created restricted areas.
  • NEW: [Menu] ->  [System] now has a new option [Location Updates only when in flightmode]. Default is on. When toggled OFF and [Location updates even when app in background] is ON, then even when Ev4 is not in flightmode it will keep track of movement and initiate flightmode automatically for "fire&forget" breadcrumb registering.
  • IMPROVED: [Automatic Routing] performance.
  • IMPROVED: Automatic GPS Source switching now waits 5 seconds for the current source to get back before switching to the alternative source.
  • CHANGED: Flarm TP connection settings are now moved a menu level deeper to avoid users to turn this on when they don't have an actual FLARM ButterFly or AirConnect unit. This because EV4 becomes very slow when this setting is enabled and the actual device is not connected.
  • FIXED: When in menu&buttons where hidden, any pan or zoom on the map made them visible again.
  • FIXED: When using TrackUp or Realtime rendering enabled, airspace Insidehatching switched to OutsideHatching.
  • FIXED: Airspace related NOTAMs did not respect the Airspace Hide filter.
  • FIXED: MapLayer menu [Geo] was always empty.
  • FIXED: Changes in Airspaces to Avoid for Automatic Routing were not persistent between sessions.
  • FIXED: When pressing a menu option at the bottom of a menu page an ugly large "Pressed" area was rendered.
  • FIXED: Sometimes a selected rasterchart was not reloaded on next startup of EV4.
  • FIXED: The correct PlaneSymbol will now be used on the MovingMap when this is changed from the default by the current active Aircraft Profile

4.0.736 beta (10MAY2020)

  • NEW: When using automatic GPS source detection is active and a switch to a different source is done, EV4 will show an informational message that needs to get confirmed by the user before it disappears
  • NEW: It is now possible to delete selected Daily Breadcrumb Files using menu->Flightlog maintenance
  • IMPROVED: Menu->Flightlog maintenance is now setup more logically (I hope ;-))
  • IMPROVED: When the location data is no longer accurate, EV4 will show a warning message.
  • IMPROVED: the automatic routing will try to avoid open water as much as possible
  • IMPROVED: The MapOrientation (northup/trackup)can now be toggled also when in planning mode. This of course only has effect as soon as flightmode is activated.
  • FIXED: occasional crash when using GDL90.
  • FIXED: Load route now scrolls correctly when a filter text is entered.
  • FIXED: Multi-leg routes now get handled properly by the automatic routing
  • FIXED: Menu->System->Layout Infofields did not scroll correctly when setting up an infofield; it only allowed for the first 30% of options available.
  • FIXED: Displaced thresholds were sometimes rendered too wide for grass runways.

4.0.730 beta (01MAY2020)

  • NEW: Wxstations in QuickInfo->WX windows are now tappable and will pan the map to the corresponding location.
  • IMPROVED: The windows version is now distributed using a different setup tool.
  • IMPROVED: QuickInfo->Routepoints window, when modifying a userwaypoint's ID and name, it is now allowed to use an empty name.
  • IMPROVED: MapOrientation icon now is independent from flightmode activated or not.
  • IMPROVED: automatic Routing is now much faster with terrain filtering
  • IMPROVED: RouteWindow, NOTAM part now sorts NOTAM within each group(WARNING,ENROUTE, AIRPORT) based on distance from departure location
  • IMPROVED: QuickInfo window, NOTAM tab now shows "Collecting NOTAMS for the tapped location...." instead of "There are no NOTAMs found applicable for the tapped location." when its searching for NOTAMS.
  • IMPROVED: X-scale zooming the VPV while in flightmode.
  • FIXED: When a route is active, ghost AeroData objects could get rendered on the map.
  • FIXED: ApproachPlates from Pooleys did not render correctly anymore
  • FIXED: ApproachPlates from SkyGuide did not render correctly anymore
  • FIXED: RoutePlanning and Tripkit now use the same fuel quantity unit, beeing the one set with menu->system->units->Fuel quantity Unit

4.0.725 beta (22APR2020)

  • This version no longer supports the anonymous one-country mode, a valid FFM or Standard license is required.
  • The Windows version uses a new OpenGL middleware driver in an attempt to fix the Intel HD 5XX/6XX embedded GPU issue that some users experience.
  • NEW: EasyVFR4 now allows to login using the username/password combination. The EasyVFR3 email adress/regno combination is of course also still usable. 
  • NEW: QuickInfo wheel->Routepoints now allows to store a temporary user waypoint as a global user waypoint.
  • NEW: When defining a local flight in the Route Planning menu, the VPV will show WX development (clouds, Wind, temperature, sigwx) for that location using hourly intervals up to max 48hrs
  • IMPROVED: When a QuickInfo window is active, tapping around on the map will no longer activate the summary window but just update the currently displaying QuickInfo window.
  • IMPROVED: Sometimes WX data (wind and/or sigwx and/or temperatures) was missing for a datapoint (lat/lon/time). The problem is not yet entirely fixed, we're working hard on the remaining issues.
  • FIXED: A lot of approachplate rendering issues
  • FIXED: Airspaces on NOTAM and WX mappreset where rendered in colour instead of grayscale
  • FIXED: Airspaces could not be deselected from rendering on the NOTAM and WX mappreset
  • FIXED: The hexagon VPV sync slider is now suppressed when not applicable.
  • FIXED: NOTAM briefing for localflights often applied NOTAM filters erroneously.
  • FIXED: ELLX (Luxembourg) metars and tafs are now correctly downloaded and shown.
  • FIXED: Order of Depart-insert-append buttons in QuickInfo->Airfield info is now more logical.
  • FIXED: After using the help button into auto-routing window EV4 would not respond at all anymore.
  • FIXED: Changes to global user waypoints using menu->my Userwaypoints are now saved.
  • FIXED: Sometimes smartmap did not recognize airspaces that are only active parts of the year.

4.0.718 beta (30MAR2020)

  • NEW: MOROCCO data is added.
  • NEW: RouteWindow, LIB WPT ID and name can now be edited.
  • NEW: QuickInfo window now can use swipe left/right to change info page, or a tap on the corresponding "page dot". On windows and mac also left or right cursor keys can be used.
  • NEW: user waypoints maintenance using menu->my Userwaypoints
  • IMPROVED: Smartmap now recognizes more airspace de-activation notams.
  • IMPROVED MapRenderng in flightmode (with some luck ;-))
  • IMPROVED: Further improvements to map rendering, this time the airspace layer is significantly improved.
  • IMPROVED: Auto Routing now supports mousewheel scrolling.
  • IMPROVED: my EasyVFR, registrationnumber is now password style.
  • IMPROVED: When locking the screen, the unlock instructions stay permanently on the screen now.
  • IMPROVED: When closing the Current Position & Airspace Info window by using the Flightmode toggle button will also remove the flightmode on and flightmode off buttons
  • FIXED: Tripkit Download TAFS mentioned METARS instead of TAFS
  • FIXED: Weight&Balance graph on windows was so thin it was hardly visible.
  • FIXED: Various fueltype related textuals.
  • FIXED: A crash cause when VPV enabled and flying on terrain where no or partial terrain data is available for.

4.0.712 beta (12MAR2020)

  • NEW: EasyVFR4 and associated AeroData database now support "seasonal" airspaces. These are airspaces only active during a specific period of the year. Smartmap will fade these airspaces when outside that period, and the active period will be shown in various places like WheelInfo->Airspaces window. These "Seasonal Airspaces" will become active after downloading the latest AeroData.
  • NEW: Android version does not need to be exited anymore, and the "Exit application" option is therefore removed.
  • NEW: A map orientation icon is now on the top bar that indicates True North. When tapped, the map will jump back to planepos if panned, otherwise it will toggle track up/north up map orientation mode. As a result the "map orientation" option is removed from the layers menu.
  • NEW: Menu->Search now has a new "Airspaces" tab where the search can search for AirspaceIdentifiers like EHR4B etc.
  • NEW: menu option maplayer->Smartmap settings added, mainly for "demonstration & evaluation" purposes.
  • IMPROVED: Runways are rendered only on lower camera altitudes to avoid cluttering with Airfield symbol.
  • IMPROVED: InfoWheel->Route window, DirectTo now behaves as expected.
  • IMPROVED: responsiveness and stability .
  • IMPROVED: Menu maplayer has the buttons to turn on/off Vertical profile view and Map orientation removed because these functions are directly accessible via onscreen buttons.
  • IMPROVED: VPV look-ahead distance when in flightmode is now speed dependent; EV4 will always look ahead 15 minutes, unless the user has changed the X-axis zoom himself while in flight. To reset to auto-zoom behavior in that case flightmode should be toggled off/on.
  • IMPROVED: When updating AeroData or adding a country while a route is loaded no longer requires the route to get closed.
  • IMPROVED: Airspaces are now rendered up to twice the camera altitude as before. As a result a bit more memory is required, and performance might get effected due to the airspace labeling, lets see how this evolves on the various platforms.
  • IMPROVED: Restricted, Danger and Prohibited areas are now entirely filled when they are connected to ground (aka not under-flyable).
  • IMPROVED: CTRs with a lower limit NOT ground (aka they are underflyable) are now no longer entirely filled so the user knows they are underfly-able.
  • IMPROVED: Some tidying up of the Aircraft settings.
  • IMPROVED: On windows and macos EV4 used the cursor keys as global hotkeys to pan arround the map. This was regardless of which window had the actual focus. From this version on these cursor keys are handled depending on where the mousecursor is located. Currently the moving map still uses them to pan, the VPV uses the left/right keys to pan also, and the mapinterest date&time controls use the left&right cursor keys to change the viewport also.
  • IMPROVED: Clean installs now have Airfield NOTAM filter by default turned on.
  • IMPROVED: Even when Airfield NOTAM filter is on, the routewindow will show airfield NOTAMS for airfields that are part of the route.
  • IMPROVED: Mousewheel scroll now works for Load Route, Select Aircraft windows.
  • IMPROVED: On fresh install of EV4 airspacewarnings are default turned on.
  • IMPROVED: Terrain Elevation colouring is now default on when fresh installed.
  • IMPROVED: Help & Legal menu option
  • FIXED: When GAFOR was outdated EV4 would not allow to turn off the GAFOR layer, keeping the map stuck with a grayish useless overlay.
  • FIXED: Tapping approachplates on the Summary bar often required 2-3 taps before it was activated.
  • FIXED: When EV4 detects a crash on intel HD5xx/HD6xx GPUs it installs a fix that requires EV4 to restart, but after that the problem should no longer happen (we think).
  • FIXED: When using EV4 landscape (for example macos or windows) with the routewindow docked fixed to the left, the summary window would never show because it was placed underneath the routewindow.
  • FIXED: When using InfoWheel->Route points repeately, the window could "lag behind" and tapping a waypoint could actually mean tapping a waypoint from the upcoming list.
  • FIXED: When trying to add advanced power setting to an aircraft profile, EV4 would crash.
  • FIXED: When mapinterest tiemspan spans more then 24hrs then smartmap would render all airspaces as active.

4.0.693 beta (08FEB2020)

  • Further stability improvements, but most noticably our new QuickStart guide in English and German.
  • FIXED: When EV4 is started with a pre-loaded route, the mapinterest date&time span is now correctly set to the route takeoff time and endurance.
  • FIXED: OSX version now correctly launches PDF reader for tripkit and EFB catalogue
  • FIXED: VPV now correctly renders interior fill of airspaces that get crossed more then once.
  • FIXED: VPV rendered airspaces extended from the first or last leg in the VPV covering the entire route.

4.0.691 beta (03FEB2020)

  • Further stability improvements, but to fix a VPV bug (route from A to B then back to A) a serious rework of the VPV had to be done. 
  • FIXED: MacOS version crashes on 5K retina devices. For 5K retina devices a significant performance improvement is noticed when selected resolution 0f 2048x1152 points, (because its retina, internally EV4 uses 4096x2304 pixels and this seems to be the fastest mode).
  • FIXED: Occacionally freezing and stuttering.
  • FIXED: eliminated a few crash causes.
  • FIXED: When planning a route from A to B and then back to B the VPV would not show correct terrain.
  • FIXED: Occacionally Airspacelabels where rendered while Airspaces where not.
  • FIXED: The Confirm/Cancel route changes buttons jumped across the screen from VPV to main map and back depending on the VPV calculation state.
  • FIXED: Rendering rastercharts
  • IMPROVED: The time the Info Wheel is shown now a second longer, many users found the old timeout a bit too fast.
  • IMPROVED: When a warning window (full or minimized) is shown it will no longer cover the Summary Window but will be shown above it.
  • IMPROVED: map scalebar is moved from the bottom to the right side when using in portrait.
  • IMPROVED: Info Wheel, Nearby objects gives places the lowest priority, resulting in the nearby routepoints list showing aviation related objects higher in the list even if located further away from the tapped location. 

4.0.687 beta (26JAN2020)

  • FIXED: a few crash causes
  • IMPROVED: When adding temporary routepoints using QuickInfo wheel->Routepoints window the inserted waypoints will now be labeled as TCK instead of simple USER WPT
  • FIXED: When adding temporary routepoints using QuickInfo wheel->Routepoints window the added waypoint was never found when tapped near it on the map, so could not get deleted anymore.
  • FIXED: When selecting an ApproachPlate to render on MacOS, EV4 would crash

4.0.683 beta (18JAN2020)

  • EasyVFR 4.0.683 contains the new rendering and associated geographical data, and this has now become the masterbranch of our EV4 development. 
    NEW: On Windows and MacOS the cursorkeys can be used to pan arround the movingmap.
  • NEW: A new option menu->Downloads->Automatic Downloads is available. When toggled OFF, EV4 will no longer do any automatic NOTAM, METAR, TAF, Advance WX or DWD GAFOR download.
  • FIXED: Traffic circuits where not rendered in NewRendering version
  • FIXED: When planning a trip in December for January EV4 would skip from Decmber to Februari.
  • FIXED: The Current Position & Airspace window (aka LOC window) often showed the wrong current airspace.
  • IMPROVED: When Airspaces are turned on in the NOTAM or WX mappreset, then these will be grayscaled also.
  • IMPROVED: Tripkit now shows frequency also for airfields that do not have one of INFO, TWR or RDO commtypes.
  • FIXED: When dragging a route on the moving map under a button a new leg is now created on release even if still on that button.
  • FIXED: Sometimes the summary window who expand to the entire screenheight.
  • CHANGED: On new install Airspace Hide filter is increased to 10000ft default for all aircraft types.
  • FIXED: RouteWindow now shows airspaces in which the destination airfield is located regardless of planned altitude for that last leg.
  • FIXED: Tripkit, Airspace listing now shows airspaces in which the destination airfield is located regardless of planned altitude for that last leg.
  • FIXED: When saving routes the screen had a lot of rusbbish text and buttons rendered.
  • FIXED: Various smaller changes to map rendering in trackup mode
  • IMPROVED: Android text edit boxes now have the default text already highlighted so it will auto-clear when the user starts to type, onscreen keyboard is also autimatically opened. This saves the onnoying everytime-tap-to-do when editing text
  • FIXED: When using the [Tap to Add] button on the routeplanning window, the legs would not get added, but got inserted.
  • IMPROVED: SpotElevations are not rendered by default on the NOTAM and WX mappreset map.
  • FIXED: On every startup EV4 downloaded WX data even if it was already downloaded a few minutes before in a previous session.
  • IMPROVED:The LOC window activated by a tap on the flightmode on/off button now only is shown when the app is in flightmode
  • IMPROVED: the red Aviate/navigate/communicate text on the LOC window is now better readable.
  • FIXED: AirspaceLabels not rendered when RenderEveryFrame was turned on. RenderEveryFrame is a setting needed on some android devices to avoid crashes when doing fast frame rate updates

4.0.671 beta (23DEC2019)

  • NEW: New rendering and associated geographical data, and will soon become the masterbranch of our EV4 development. As a sneak preview, feel free to install it and let us know what you think about it. Functionality is the same as the current 4.0.670, the geographical data and rendering is changed.
  • NEW: Spotelevations are added.

4.0.670 beta (21DEC2019)

  • FIXED: When an extremely high planned route was entered for a leg (for exmaple 15003000ft), then EV4 would crash on each startup and never recover again.
  • FIXED: QuickInfo AirfieldInfo sometimes did not render all remarks.
  • FIXED: 'Aiport' type in NOTAMS menu.
  • FIXED: When adding or editing logbook entries EV4 would always take Aircraft type and callsign from the currently loaded Aircraft profile, and often clear the AircraftType entry.
  • FIXED: Logbook remarks filtered out certain characters like & .
  • FIXED: Selected rastercharts now (hopefully) stay persistent between sessions.
  • FIXED: If waypoint Symbol+Name could not fit on a single line in the RouteWindow, then the name would overlap the symbol.
  • IMPROVED: Airspaces that are DEactivated by NOTAMS are now rendered using dimmed colours also, and the NOTAM circle depiction will be rendered in a green colour.
  • IMPROVED: Comms layout of Qi-Airfields window.
  • IMPROVED: RouteWindow now includes MH column for each leg.
  • CHANGED: Background location updates now only happen when EV4 is in flightmode when its swapped to background

4.0.661 beta (14DEC2019)

  • NEW: Current Position and Airspace window (LOC tab in EasyVFR3) is implemented by tapping the "flight mode on/off" button at the bottom bar.
  • IMPROVED: When datadownloads are going on, EV4 will now report that using a small onscreen message using the new warning&information system.
  • IMPROVED: Further visual improvements to the Airspace WarningSystem
  • IMPROVED: Raster chart selection is now restored on restart of EV4
  • FIXED: Routelegs covered the aerodata object icons and labels
  • FIXED: EV could crash when a warning was to be issued on startup before the warning system was initialized.
  • FIXED: Hillshading could not be turned off anymore.


4.0.656 beta (07DEC2019)

  • NEW: at various places where airfield information is given, available fueltypes are added either textual or graphical. Datacollecting of fueltypes for  airfields is an ongoing process during the upcoming weeks
  • NEW: Warning&Information system has been started with. The AirspaceWarning system currently has WarningPopups and outline on the map implemented. Warning Popup has the option to dismiss warnings for that airspace for 5 minutes or for the rest of the day. The warning sound is scheduled for the upcoming week. Default AirspaceWarnings are off, they should be enabled by the user using menu->Alarms and Warnings.
  • IMPROVED: The two buttons to confirm or cancel a route modification are now placed directly under the text in the VPV telling the route change must be accepted before a vertical profile is shown.
  • IMPROVED: Some popups are lengthened so they take up the entire device height instead of just being a tiny "crippled looking" window.
  • IMPROVED: The "license unlock" padlock button displayed top-left when no active subscription is found now activates the myEasyVFR option.
  • IMPROVED: Menu- and graphics overhaul/completing.
  • IMPROVED: When NOTAMs in a route briefing are collapsed to a single-line-version, the delete button for that NOTAM will not be shown to prevent overlapping UI elements.
  • IMPROVED: QuickInfo and EFB Summary window no longer auto-download plates, but require a tap on one of the thumb images to actually download them. 
  • FIXED: EV4 detected the start of a new AIRAC cycle a day too late. 
  • FIXED: When using landscape the summary EFB window would cover the VPV and get covered by the system status bar.
  • FIXED: When more than 500 routes existed for a user on the PocketFMS cloud, the loading of routes would crash. 
  • FIXED: Valley terrain and relative terrain could not be turned off any more once turned on.
  • FIXED: EV4 will now (again ;-)) restore the camera position&alttude as it was when the previous session was closed.
  • FIXED: Routelegs where rendered below approachplates.
  • FIXED: Logbook entries where text input is required didn't work on iOS because only the numeric keyboard was enabled.
  • FIXED: When loading a route, then the auto-populated AirField info presets A&B did not give approachplates when activated.
  • FIXED: CountrySelector on Android had the OK button placed too low, so it was partially covered by the device's navigation bar.
  • FIXED: Windows version did not render the GAFOR graphic on the map.
  • FIXED: When adding a new LogBook entry sometimes it could end up in an endless loop of popups telling input was wrong.

4.0.647 beta (23NOV2019)

  • NEW: Rastercharts are now fully functional using menu->myEasyVFR. Still some lose ends to complete.
  • IMPROVED: EFB Summary window is now overlayed the movingmap instead of placed left from movingmap when using a device in landscape.
  • IMPROVED: When the user taps on the movingmap and the nearest found airfield does not comply to the suitable airfield settings for the current selected aircraft then the EFB summary window will not be opened.
  • IMPROVED: SigWX and cloud symbology on the map
  • FIXED: When the EFB Summary window was active at the bottom of the screen then the mappreset switching gesture (sliding from left to right or visa versa over the bottom menu bar) did not work. 
  • FIXED: Weather timestepper on the movingmap sometimes used tiny text and button sizes.
  • FIXED: Magnification levels for cloud and sigwx symbols have effect again.
  • FIXED: menu->MyEasyVFR crashed in most situations.
  • FIXED high resolution devices like Samsung tab S6, Apple ipad pro (anything above 2048px) would crash with a minimum of sliding on the bottom bar as part of the MapPreset switching gesture.

4.0.643 beta (18NOV2019)

  • NEW: As an experiment we implemented now three different "map presets", one call "NAV", the other "NOTAMs" and the third "Weather".
  • NEW: When tapping on the map to activate QuickInfo EV4 will now take Aircraft settings into account to pick a preferred airfield to show info for. This prevents for example Heliports beeing picked when tapping at a location where both an airfield and heliport exist.
  • NEW: Tapping one of the two A or B presets will now open the Summary AirfieldInfo (the small white bar with approachplates and basic airfieldinfo) of the fullinfo Window because its easy to get from the Summary Window to the Fullinfo window but not visaversa.
  • NEW: A new magnification setting to control breadcrumb size is now available. 
  • Improved SigWX and cloudbase WX depiction
  • FIXED: Map interest date&time did not always follow route timespan. 
  • NEW: Displaced thresholds are now painted. Data is currently accurate for Germany and Netherlands, UK is beeing worked on, rest of europe follows after that. 

4.0.637 beta (11NOV2019)

  • FIXED: on iOS when using the "Kill app" gesture to kill EV4 TestFlight would come up with the message that EV4 was crashed and if you want to report it. 
  • FIXED: When the logbook was downloaded once from the cloud, all next downloads would fail. 

4.0.635 beta (26OCT2019)

  • NEW: VPV now shows 2 terrain profiles. One with a narrow band (0.1NM terrain scan) and one with a 10NM terrain scan. 
  • IMPROVED: RoutePlanning has terrain safety route width increased from 5NM to 10NM. W
  • IMPROVED: When closing a QuickInfo window the wheelselector will no longer be reactivated for that selected point.
  • IMPROVED: Flight log maintenance now has an option to Share the daily breadcrumb file.
  • FIXED: In some situations, no breadcrumbs would get shown on the movingmap.
  • FIXED: When EV4 was swapped to the background and a day later put back into the foreground, then new breadcrumb files where not listed until EV4 was restarted.

4.0.631 beta (18OCT2019)

  • NEW: New infofields: Desired Heading to NExt Waypoint (magnetic), Desired Heading to NExt waypoint (true), GPS Status and Electronic Conspicuity Status
  • IMPROVED: NOTAMS, METARS, TAFS, AdVancedWX, EFB plates and GAFOR will now only be downloaded if the internet connection is considered sufficient. 
  • IMPROVED: Cloud forecast symbols are now more refined and rendered less prominent. 
  • IMPROVED: LogBook now lists total flight endurance also. 
  • IMPROVED: When highlighting airspace in QuickInfo->Airspaces then not only the map is highlighting it, but also the depictions of the same airspace in the QuickInfo window.
  • FIXED: The VPV rendered Altitude reference labels twice, resulting in these not beeing readable very well. 
  • FIXED: Flight mode departure / arrive buttons stay visible even when the main flight mode button is not visible
  • FIXED: When NOTAM download fails (for example due to intermittent internet connection) the NOTAM data was still cleared, resulting in a system without any NOTAMS. Now the old NOTAMS will only get cleared if a new NOTAM Data download was actually successfull.
  • FIXED: The VPV would draw a corrupted routeline when the climb to altitude took more then 30 times the climb rate for the given aircraft.
  • FIXED: EV4 now detects corrupted terrain data tiles and skips to the next-good-zoomlevel to still obtain correct point elevation. 
  • FIXED: When AeroData search was done and initially a long list appeared that the user scrolled and then added another searchletter the resultlist was not reset, so it could happen an empty result page was shown. 
  • FIXED: EV3 Logbook import did not populate take off date&time and landing date&time.
  • FIXED: When loading a route the mapinterest date&timespan was not adjusted to the takeoff date&time anymore. 
  • FIXED: When toggling autowind on or off while no active route exists (only a workingon route is available) EV4 would crash. 
  • FIXED: Flightplan Filing did not show an message with the filing result anymore. 

4.0.627 beta (12OCT2019)

  • NEW: To improve quick access to primary Airfield information EV4 now enables the Airfield Information bar using a single tap on the map near an airfield. It will not only show the approachplate thumbs, but also the airport name, elevation, frequency and runway length. 
  • NEW: A new option is available in Menu->Flightlog maintenance to import EasyVFR3 logbook into the EasyVFR4 logbook. When EV3 breadcrumbs are already downloaded from PocketFMS cloud then test EV3 logbook entries will get the breadcrumbs automatically added.
  • NEW: When manually creating logbook entries EV4 will now extract breadcrumbs for the specficied flight period and store them into the logbook entry.
  • NEW: All iOS devices can now have EasyVFR4 operate in the background to record breadcrumbs and logbook data, even if the device is not actually used. To do this, enable menu->System->Location Updates even when app in background.
  • NEW: Routelegs on the map now have small arrows to indicate the direction of Flight .
  • IMPROVED: the (i) marker on the movingmap indicating the position the QuickInfo wheel uses as reference position will no longer be shown for 2 seconds after the QI wheel is dismissed.
  • IMPROVED:  the LocalFLight area circle is now also visible when the routeplan is confirmed.
  • FIXED: ApproachPlates crash when .pfmsmap2 file did not have corresponding .pdf file
  • FIXED: The limit of max 50 airfield documents & approach plates.
  • IMPROVED: RMZ's with lower altitude not GND will not be fully interior filled. As a result Denmark is no longer "blueish" when airspace filter is set to 9500ft or higher.
  • FIXED: When the list of routes in PocketFMS cloud was so large that it took more then 15 seconds for the server to collect all changes then EV4 would never pickup new routes from PocketFMS cloud anymore. 
  • FIXED: sometimes when toggling a flightlog entry another entry was also toggled.
  • IMPROVED: Approach Plate download will now only be executed when the internet connection type is considered fast enough

4.0.622 beta (05OCT2019)

  • NEW: This version is focussed on Breadcrumbs and logbook. It's not entirely finished yet and still rough around the edges, but it's complete enough to start discussing. You can find these new features at menu->Flightlog maintenance. 
  • NEW: When Background location updates are not working, or when using EV4 on Android or Windows, then EV4 records breadcrumbs as long as its in the foreground.
  • NEW: Flightmode will be automatically triggered in this new version. 
  • NEW: Breadcrumbs can be analysed to create logbook entries from. These auto-created logbook entries can be edited, and are stored in the logbook with a copy of the breadcrumb data for the timespan of the flight. That is why both breadcrumbs as logbook entries have the option to show the track of the flight on the map or export to google maps. Since the trackdata is stored in the logbook file itself (an XML based file now contrary to the binary format EV3 used) you don't lose the track details when you lose the breadcrumb file.
  • NEW: The logbook file is now one convenient file that keeps all data and can be easily backed-up. 

4.0.614 beta (13SEP2019)

  • IMPROVED: RouteWindow can now be dragged on the right side part of the window to resize it.
  • IMPROVED: map resize changes (aka rotating, VPV on/off etc) are now much faster handled.
  • IMPROVED: Runways were rendered at too high camera altitudes.
  • IMPROVED: QuickInfo ->Airfield Info now has the [PDF/Approach Plates] button always initially disabled to avoid the immediate download of approach plates and PDFs, what was found very irritating by many users.
  • IMPROVED: When countrySelect was done the WX Timestepper was not hidden.
  • IMPROVED: When countrySelect was done the ApproachPlate picker window was not hidden.
  • IMPROVED: Graphical route editing was very slow on many devices because with every change EV4 had to calculate terrain elevation, crossed airspaces, Enroute NOTAMS, Enroute METARs&TAFs and Enroute Advanced WX. EasyVFR4 now only does these calculations when the changes made to a route (depicted using the yellow legs on the map) are approved to the active route (depicted by the purple legs on the map). If the device is fast enough to do these calculations with every change of the route then the user can enable the old behavior using menu->System-> Update route while editing
  •  IMPROVED: Dragging the trackline on the VPV to change the planned altitude for a leg now displays the altitude in numerical value while dragging.
  •  IMPROVED: On the Movingmap and QuickInfo->Airfield Info grass runways are rendered with a lower order then hard runways so they don't look to overlap the hard runways.
  • IMPROVED: When changing planned altitude for a leg that causes the Airspace Hide limit to increase EV4 will now reset back the original Hide Airspace Above not only when stopping the route, but also when the planned altitude for the entire route falls again below the orginal Hide airspace above value.
  • FIXED: Finnish Language was not added to the windows version.
  • FIXED: menu->LockScreen is now disabled for devices that are not multitouch to prevent they can never be unlocked anymore (3 simultaneous touche is required to unlock).
  • FIXED: When toggling approachplates it could take a few seconds before the associated approach plate became actually visible. This was very annoying, especially when the previously selected plate was still visible all that time, this gave the impression the newly selected plate was not selected properly.
  • FIXED: Decoded TAFS now show the full station name again.
  • FIXED: suffix on some days of the month in TAF Decoding.
  • FIXED: METARS&TAFS were often slightly offset in relation to the associated airport.

4.0.607 beta (06SEP2019)

  • AeroData search window now has the action buttons made bigger, they where difficult to read on many devices.
  • When using a landscape oriented screenlayout of sufficient size the routeplanning window will be permanently docked to the left side occupying 40% of the entire screen width.
  • Finnish language is added.
  • When starting point of a route is dragged to a different point, the RouteWindow would not update the takeoff description.
  • The Miniature AirspaceInfo icon has been blurred to avoid accidently beeing interpreted as a real screenshot of the active AirspaceInfo window.
  • The Miniature NotamInfo icon has been blurred to avoid accidently beeing interpreted as a real screenshot of the active NotamInfo window.
  • Various textinput (registrationnumber, email address etc) now support pasting from clipboard using tap&hold or platform-specific key combination (CTRL-V on windows).
  • When AeroData was disabled from rendering on the map to get a better overview of the WX picture, the WX symbols would be rendered using unreadable small symbols.
  • The arrival or Next waypoint button on the routeplanning window was removed as soon as one leg was created. Now this button will be usable continously.
  • Newly-loaded route had last leg selected for deletion
  • WX Timestepper did not take the Advanced WX forecast timespan into account, resulting timestepping was only possible up to the most far TAF forecast time.
  • WX timestepper did not auto-advance the time when it got outdated more then 30 minutes
  • EV4 could occacionally crash when Advanced WX data was downloading
  • EV4 could crash when a route was loaded that had no effective NOTAMs involved, and then NOTAM data was updated.
  • QuickInfo wheel : AirspaceInfo, tap on the bargraph style depiction now takes the tapped altitude into account to highlight the correct airsapce in case a bar graph is representing multiple airspaces.
  • NOTAMS that get replotted by EasyVFR based on extracted coordinates from the NOTAM text are now using a blueish colour instead of pink.

4.0.604 beta (30AUG2019)

  • Implemented Magnetic Variation model where applicable. 
  • Fixed constant crashing when trying to hide or delete a NOTAM from the route list.
  • RouteWindow, Weather page now enables to choose if TAFs should be decoded in normal text or not. 
  • On android the yes and no buttons on every confirmation popup are swapped, so YES is now the  left one. 
  • RouteWindow has momentum implemented.
  • RouteWindow now makes it possible to create a local flight (departure and arrival at the same airfield) and specify an estimated flighttime and max distance away from the airfield, based on which EasyVFR4 creates fuel estimate, WX briefing and NOTAM briefing. 
  • RouteWindow now makes it possible to do routebuilding without the need to leave the routewindow.
  • Routewindow now renders ScrollbarInfo correctly.
  • With some luck overall performance feels improved
  • QuickInfo window now supports momentum scrolling.
  • DensityAltitude of airfield is now shown on tripkit and QuickInfo Wheel->Airfield info
  • RoutePlanning window , NOTAMs tab now allows a NOTAM to be flagged as Hidden, Deleted, or single-line only. 
  • The RoutePlanning window now also hosts the CopyWorkingToActive and CancelWorkingOn buttons.
  • UK MATZ airspaceType is now known in EV4.
  • NOTAM hide & delete buttons sometimes did not appear on Qi or RouteWindow
  • Global Weather OFF did not turn off METARS & TAFS on the map
  • VPV in flightmode now makes sure at least half an hour distance depending on aircraft speed is shown. 
  • QuickInfo->Airport info now shows Circuit altitude as AMSL-AGL by displying AGL between (). so 1700ft(700ft) means 1700AMSL, 700ftAGL 
  • Advanced Weather forecast is implemented. VPV shows cloudbase, cloudtop,cloudcoverage, SigWX and headwind component at various altitudes, taking trip time into account. 
  • Advanced Weather forecast is implemented, MovingMap shows cloudbase levels (1-3), 2000ftAGL wind, sigWX for a selected time. 

4.0.578 beta (29JUN2019)

  • NEW: WXBriefing for a route now allows to pan&zoom to the station location on the map.
  • FIXED: InfoFields where initially hidden when flightmode was activated with a route loaded
  • FIXED: User crendentials entered during countryselection are now saved.
  • FIXED: approach plates Thumbnail preview mode activated from QuickInfo Wheel->Airfield info now works correctly.
  • FIXED: When in flightmode with VPV off the infofields would not be shown
  • FIXED: Flickering of WXTimeStepper

4.0.575 beta (21JUN2019)

  • French language pack updated (thanks for all the hard work Patrick Bauffe !)
  • Proposed planned altitude for a route leg now takes terrain using a path width of 10NM (5 NM on either side) instead of only a few hundred meters. 
  • We're experimenting with redesigning the Plates selection system a bit, to make it possible to much quicker select/unselect plates for an airfield by using a " plates thumbnail bar" which can get activated using the QuickInfo->AirfieldInfo option. This work is not finished yet, so might still be a bit confusing. 
  • There was a nasty bug where using the QuickInfo wheel could result in freezes or empty waypoints lists.

4.0.570 beta (07JUN2019)

  • NEW: Georeferenced Approach Plates.

4.0.559 beta (10MAY2019)

  • NEW: Focused on AirspaceLabeling on the map. For this to function the latest AeroData must be downloaded using menu->Downloads menu->AeroData validity Info->Update All Data once. 
  • NEW: Electronic Conspicuity menu now has the option to specify that relative altitude difference to other traffic should be expressed in thousands of feet instead if single feet
  • FIXED: Date and time settings in non-english languages did not work.

4.0.556 beta (02MAY2019)

  • NEW: Dutch added as UI Language
  • IMPROVED: Horizontal scale on VPV puts 0NM now at start of route (when in planning mode) or Current Plane Position (when in flightmode).
  • IMPROVED: When in planning mode the VPV maintains a 10NM trailing and leading buffer area
  • IMPROVED: Search window tidied up a bit.
  • IMPROVED: Qi Wheel, Airspace section, graphical Airspace depiction now prevents scrolling outside of the usable area.
  • IMPROVED: Qi Wheel, Airspace section, textual area would jump up if no airspaces other then FIS or FIR where found.
  • IMPROVED: at startup the map will be centered arround the last viewed location (if no valid locationdata is available from the device).
  • IMPROVED: Another attempt to improve the NOTAM hide/NOTAM Delete buttons
  • IMPROVED: When zooming vertically on the VPV or MovingMap (using the zoomslider at the right side of corresponding windows) EV4 will keep scrolling the correct window even if the touch goes off the current window onto a different one.
  • IMPROVED: VPV is smarter to detect if a pan or zoom is happening instead of route altitude adjustments.
  • IMPROVED: When the VPV SyncSlider is moved to the most left or most right part of the VPV window then the VPV will start auto-scrolling to either side and keep the movingmap in sync at the same time.
  • IMPROVED: The sensitivity of the Qi wheel Airfield NOTAM auto-scroll has been improved to allow a less accurate placement of a touch near an airfield.
  • IMPROVED: When tapping on the "locked to route" button that appears when the user opens the Map Interest timespan menu when a route is loaded, EV4 will open the route window so the user can adjust the planned take off date and time.
  • FIXED: Routeplan take-off date&time could not be set correctly when working in a timezone more then 3 hrs difference or with different DST setting.
  • FIXED: EasyVFR4 crashed often when more then roughly 10 countries where selected.
  • FIXED: RoutePlanning window Delete Confirmation button was obscured by Altitude or Wind editing box.
  • FIXED: Search was limited to airfields only.
  • FIXED: When using EV4 landscape and highlighting an Airspace or NOTAM from the QuickInfo wheel window, EV4 would not react to a tap on the miniature depiction of this Qi window to restore to its full state.
  • FIXED: DWD GAFOR Full text briefing could not be scrolled fully to the end.
  • FIXED: When cancelling on exporting a route, EV4 now no longer still continues with the export.
  • FIXED: FIR wide NOTAMS are now correctly classified as such, so they get filtered out if the FIR NOTAM filter is active.

4.0.552 beta (26APR2019)

  • NEW: Route window now has an options button for each LIB, that allows the user to move the waypoint up or down in the route list, pan to the waypoint on the map or delete the waypoint from the route.
  • NEW: When a directTo is done while a route was active, this active route will be swapped to the WorkingOn route so it can be activated again with the tap of a single button.
  • NEW: When tapping on the map near an airfield and then the NOTAM option is choosen, EV4 will auto-scroll to the first NOTAM for that airfield.
  • NEW: When a route is loaded EV4 will automatically pan to the center of the route and auto-zoom in such a way the entire route becomes visible on the map. 
  • NEW: When a DirectTo is done, EV4 will automatically pan to the center of the route and auto-zoom in such a way the entire route becomes visible on the map. 
  • NEW: When in flightmode, and the VPV horizontal scale is changed, EV4 will keep the current planepos as center. 
  • NEW: Electronic Conspicuity setting now allows to enter a list of comma seperated callsigns for aircrafts that should be totally ignored.
  • NEW: Qi Window, AirfieldInfo now has a [Depart] button to set the Airfield beeing viewed as departure for the route.
  • NEW: Route menu Delete Route implemented
  • NEW: Qi Route objects: The departure airfield can now be added as landing airfield also to create a local flight
  • IMPROVED: Qi Window, Airspace part now fades inactive airspaces and puts a remark about the airspace's activity in the text
  • IMPROVED: When the user tries to change the map interest date&times while a route is loaded a popup will be shown explaining the planned takeoff date and time of the route should be altered to change the map interest date&time. 
  • IMPROVED: When starting the DWD GAFOR download it will now become visible that the download actually started, avoiding hitting the download button twice or more. 
  • FIXED: The VPV would should AeroData objects that where nowhere near the actual route.
  • FIXED: When EV4 was used quite some time it would start to crash frequently, and only a full uninstall and reinstall could fix it. 
  • FIXED:NOTAM briefing Path width now has a unit. 
  • FIXED: When in flightmode the VPV would reset horizontal and vertical scaling every 30 seconds. Now it will keep the current scaling always, except when current plane altitude is higher then the VPV's highest altitude on the window. 
  • FIXED: Synchronising of favourite routes
  • FIXED: When using trackUp a tap on the screen would often give info for wrong locations.

4.0.545 beta (08APR2019)

  • German DWD GAFOR implemented
  • NOTAMS concerning (temporary) airspace restrictions are now coloured red on the map. 
  • Relative Terrain and Valley Terrain now no longer require Absolute Terrain to be turned on first.
  • A few crashing causes nailed.
  • Windows and Android versions have a higher stack amount to see if that solves the HEAP0 errors.

4.0.541 beta (03APR2019)

  • An irritating bug that caused some Android devices (specifically the Huawei M5) to crash frequenly. 
  • VPV now contains altitude reference lines.
  • IMPROVED: Valley terrain now interprets Valley Reference altitude as if the plane altitude in flightmode.
  • FIXED: Map interest End date can now be set to a different day then the Begin date.
  • FIXED: Valley Terrain can now be enabled without having to turning on Absolute Terrain first.

4.0.537 beta (22MAR2019)

  • NEW: Relative Terrain is implemented.
  • NEW: Valley/Terrain is implemented to easely find valleys in planning mode.
  • NEW: German traffic patterns are implemented (Menu->Downloads Menu->AeroData validity->Update All data and after that a restart of EasyVFR4 is required to force the download of the new data.
  • NEW: uAvionix SkyEcho2 FLARM bearingless target and - if the required license is obtained by the user- decoding of this FLARM data into actual position data.
  • FIXED: Sometimes terrain tiles where not rendered, leaving blank squares on the map. Note,this is NOT a fix for the blue tiles, that problem still persists,
  • IMPROVED: When the app is started it now auto-centers on the current location provided by the OS.
  • FIXED: Changes in aircraft profile or settings where not reflected immediately into active or workingon route.
  • FIXED: Changes in units where not reflected immediately into active or workingon route.
  • IMPROVED: AutoRouting window now has a scroll bar.
  • IMPROVED: AutoRouting will no longer "blindless" change the planned altitude for a route to the highest possible altitude, but it will change it to the altitude it can remain flying on for at least 15 minutes.
  • IMPROVED: AutoRouting now takes the planned takeoff date&time and SmartMap setting into account.
  • FIXED: Infofields could not be placed at the bottom part of the screen.
  • FIXED: Various issues with layout Infofields
  • FIXED: Cut off textline when entering Performance based Navigation setings in Aircraft details
  • IMPROVED: Tweaked the maplayers for 1GB ios Devices again a bit.
  • FIXED: Removed a few crash causes.

4.0.530 beta (15MAR2019)

  • NEW: uAvionix SkyEcho2 mode-C traffic detection is now supported
  • IMPROVED: Norway data is added 
  • IMPROVED: Czech Republic data is added
  • IMPROVED: Italian data is added.
  • IMPROVED: French translations are updated (via Google translate)
  • IMPROVED: German translations are updated (via Google translate)
  • IMPROVED: 1GB RAM devices (Apple iphone6, ipad Air, ipad mini 3) now have railways, motorways and primary roads added to the map as a test to see if that still keeps working.
  • FIXED: Knocked out a few crashing causes.
  • FIXED: The scalebar at the bottom of the map would drop to zero when zooming in very close. 
  • FIXED: ActiveLeg arrow in the routeplanning window while in flightmode was not positioned correctly. 
  • FIXED: Sometimes menu->Search did not work
  • FIXED: when performing the "create new waypoint here" gesture on the VPV (by moving finger from top of VPV to bottom of VPV) while no route was loaded EV4 would crash.
  • FIXED (confirmation requested): Autorouting of WorkingOn routes 
  • FIXED: InfoFields now obbey the correct Readbility setting (menu->System->Readability->Infofields). 
  • FIXED: vertical position placement of Infofields in combination with VPV on or off. IMPORTANT: Please reset to default once using menu->System->Layout Infofields for this fix to work. 

4.0.527 beta (11MAR2019)

  • NEW: Runways with their associated IDs, traffic pattern directions and traffic pattern altitudes are now rendered on the map when zooming on.
  • NEW: QuickInfo wheel, routeplanning objects now have a DirectTo button also. 
  • FIXED: QuickInfo wheel, routeplanning objects listing was overlapping items on small screens.
  • FIXED: EasyVFR3 aircraftprofiles which are defined in Export mode caused EV4 to crash.
  • FIXED: When 6 or more countries where selected EV4 would behave totally unpredicable, often causing crashes at any routeplanning related touch input. 
  • FIXED: Optional Tap&Hold requirement to activate rubberbanding now actially works.
  • FIXED: A few crash causes, no doubt a few more still exist ?

4.0.522 beta (01MAR2019)

  • Fixed a few serious memory leaks and crash causes
  • This week the routeplanning rubberbanding has been implemented. Contrary to EV3 we do NOT use tap&hold to activate rubberbanding, a simple touch on the active or WorkingOn route is enough to start the rubberbanding. Interesting to know is waypoints can now also be moved, so no need anymore to first delete a waypoint and then insert a new one. There is a minimum distance threshold : only when the routeline is dragged enough (about 1.5-2cm) a new waypoint will be created. To undo accidently created waypoints due to panning a big red X is displayed next to the newley created waypoint so the action can quickly be undone. If the old EV3 tap&hold behavior is preferred, there is a menu option in menu->System->Rubberband req. Tap&hold that can be enabled. 
  •  Layout Infofields is now smarter with drag&dropped infoblocks; these will now auto-adjust their position based on VPV on or off always and no longer keep a fixed position on the screen regardless of VPV shown or not.
  •  Removed the warning about flightmode toggled automatically because this is (no longer/not yet) the case.
  •  Fixed (must be confirmed) autorouting crashes
  •  Fixed (must be confirmed) memory warnings and crashes on ipad 2GB devices with a lot of apps running.
  • Sweden added as supported country
  • Tapping on the SyncMarker (the hexagon symbol) on the moving map will activate the QuickInfo wheel selector now. 
  • Temporary waypoints in a route that get deleted now will get removed from the moving map.

4.0.518 beta (22FEB2019)

  • Fixed a few serious memory leaks
  • Fixed a crash that occurs when tapping twice or more rappidly on the "move workingon to active flightplan"
  • QuickInfo window now applies a sort order on the frequency list when requesting Airfield Info.
  • QuickInfo window now displays FIR airspaces always at the bottom of the list as least important.
  • Layers menu->"Hide Airspace Above" is changed into "Hide at & Above", and the interval steps are changed from 1000ft to 500ft.
  • Airspaces with a filled interior now have this interior also fainted when the airspace is not active according to smartmap.
  • Flight plan filing, cancelling and delaying is now fully live operational
  • Increased resolution for earth imagary when zoomed out
  • When downloading data for more then one country EV4 will no longer mention the name of the first country in the download list in the tittle.
  • Windows version uses higher default readability settings as attempt to improve font rendering



Previous releases were only released internally.

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