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Feedback Macbook M1 performance - too many crashes

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Hi, I'm buying a new aircraft which will have Dynon Skyview HDX installed so rather than paying for SkyDemon, which I've used for around 8 years, and the PocketFMS charts, I subscribed to the EasyVFR frequent flyer and decided to give EasyVFR a test.


However until now, I have to say I'm unimpressed with EasyVFR on an M1 Macbook Pro. SkyDemon works flawlessly on the M1 Macbook Pro, EasyVFR4 crashes every 10 minutes or so, ending the program. Is this a known flaw, if so, when can we expect any bugfixes?


Attached is a screenshot of a typical crash report....

Screenshot 2022 09 06 at 17.52.38


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