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Absolute Terrain in Windows.725

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i have been going on about the fact that the 'Absolute Terrain' button didn't work in Windows for what seems like an eternity !

So very pleased to see at last the button for Absolute terrain in Windows .725 now works properly and the screen view is the same view as Android. Well done!!

Just need the lockdown in the UK to send so we can all have the freedom to use EV4 again in the air soon!



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Great to hear this works now also! We spent a lot of work on updating middleware drivers for opengl on windows to solve the issue that some windows PCs (those with embedded Intel HD5xx/6xx video GPUs) and used these updated middleware for the first time in .725 with some shiffers. This kind of "rewrites" often solves one thing, but you never know what new problems it creates. Up to now things look good, so fingers crossed no replacement little devil pops up ....


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