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AeroData for Slovenia

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if you can provide any blank template or a spreadsheet or some other file for adding all the data for Slovenia please let me help i would help adding all the small airfields and related data that are currently not even listed in EV3 but they are in oficial VFR paper chart of Slovenia.

I believe it is good for pilots to be aware of all the fields around so they can pay more attention around those fields. also they could visit one of them...

also a good idea would be to add a meeting or fly-in dates on airfields info, this way you could know when to fly to a fly-in. There are few airfields in Slovenia that have once a year a fly-in fests. or some other separate button that has only fly-in dates an places like nearest fly-in... just thinking aloud

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Thx for your offer! I passed it on to Marcel, who promised to contact you asap. 

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Hi Darko,

Pfew, we're back from the Aero in Friedrichshafen and now working through quite a backlog. Thanks for your very kind offer to assist us; I'll contact you shortly per email on the matter.

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