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Automatic flightmode activates while driving

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I noticed that while driving to the airport, with the iPad in the flightbag, EV sometimes enters flightmode.  It will not terminate the flightmode on its own.

There are hills in the area, so driving with a „climbrate“ may be the cause.  However, with EV running on the passenger seat while driving, I can watch the screen automatically switching to flightmode, with Altitude AGL at a constant 0.  Even stopping the car will keep the flightmode on.


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Currently only speed is a trigger to enable flightmode; when speed exceeds 30kts flightmode will be enabled. 

The cancelling of flightmode has been tweaked in the current 4.0.948. Previous versions indeed did not turn off flightmode at all automatically, but 4.0.948 should when stationary for 2 minutes or more, and not having an helicopter specified as current airplane profile, and NOT having background location updates enabled. 

If this doesn't seem to work for you, would you be so kind to stay stationary for 5 minutes and then do menu->system->Daily Breadcrumb recordings Track Logs. There select the current breadcrumb, do tools, export to csv and email the result to team at easyvfr4 dot aero please


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