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Enroute short-cut

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Hello every one,

Got a question regarding an in-flight shortcut.

let’s say my flightplan is A-B-C-D-E-F and I am flying leg B-C. Now I want to fly direct to D ánd I wanna keep the rest of the flightplan which comes after D.

Is this possible and if so, how?

grtz Sander

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Stewart Buckingham
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Thanks for your question, Sander. I think I have already answered a similar question elsewhere on this forum, but I can give you a quick outline here now.

We would lie to have a neat solution to this problem, but at the moment that is not available and instead I can offer you two simple (but inelegant) workarounds.

I am assuming oyu have read teh QuickStart guide (if not, you cnan download a copy (English or German) from and are therefore fully capable of creating and deleting route waypoints, and of the "runner-banding" technique for inserting a waypoint into a leg, so I will not explain those techniques here.

In both cases the first step is to tap the map at your present position and create a waypoint. I your example you were flying the B-C leg so I will call this wayponit BC, so your route is now A-B-BC-C-D-E-F

The simple workaround is now to tap on C and delete it, then conform the route modification. Your route is now A-B-BC-D-E-F as you wanted - job done!


Now lets consider a slightly harder problem, where your original route was in fact A-B-C-C1-C2-C3-C4-D-E-F - in other words you are not just bypassing the C waypoint but you are leapfrogging a whole string of waypoints that I have called C1, C2, C3, C4. You could still use the above method by deleting not just C but also C1, C2, C3, and C4. But that is getting to be quite a lot of taps and  deletes so a different approach might be more to your liking. So first create teh BC waypoint as before, then "rubber-band the BC to C leg to insert a new waypoint that I will call D' - and you position this D' as close as you can to the existing point D. If due to the "fat finger" problem you find you have put it further from D than you would like, zoom in on D and then drag the new D' waypoint closer to D. Conform your changes.

Now you have a route A-B-BC-D'-C-C1-C2-C3-C4-D-E-F but instead of slavishly following this route just fly A-B-BC-D'-D-E-F or probably (if you have put D' near enough to D) even


Once you are well established on the D'-E leg, I think the computations will accept that you are on that leg and will not try to guide you back to teh points you have skipped over. As I said, not elegant but better than going on an unnecessary detour!






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Thank you very much for this explanation. Will try it immediately on my next flight.


Sorry for not seeing the other similar case about this subject on this forum.

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