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GENERAL requierments for a good flight planning software

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Hallo Rob hello Marcel,

it's time to find a better way to go on.
I just downloaded the new software and it is still slow and I think you go the wrong way..

EASYVFR3 is good

if you want to make EADYVFR4 better you have to go the right way.
I think you are loosing the good way in details ….. you should give the most important or all information we need for a flight!

You do not have the pattern altitude visible on the pattern in most of the southern german airfields
you should show all the reporting points and flight routings to all the airports. All the details (buildings and...) are not important for flying.
but to see in which altitude and which way  we have to fly from for example echo 1 to echo2 …. from EDDV

And you should write all PPR tel numbers of all airfields and much more infos for the airfields….


thank you for helping us to make a good software



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In some aspects I agree; EV3 is well defined, working properly and fast! Why not improving EV3 instead of inventing a new system which takes plenty of time and workload to overcome initial discrepancies and bugs! But don't bother and never give up! Just an idea which I'm not sure,  whether the first one even asks for  more work load!?

Regards Norbert


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@kpmorhardweb-de, Klaus, just to assure you we are working on improving AeroData as part of the EV4 project also. EV4 is not only about the app, it involves " a whole new era"  for us, expanding from app development to aerodata maintenance to marketing & sales.  Nothing is left untouched to be ready for the future as we see it will evolve for GA the upcoming years. 

It all takes time, I wish we had a bucket of money to be able to open up a can of people to help us, but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately ;-)) we are a not-for-profit organisation without any shareholders so financial resources are limited. But trust me, some interesting pieces of the puzzle will come together the upcoming 6-8 weeks.....


@louis, Norbert, we did consider that when we started with EV4. But there are too many restrictions and limitations in EV3, so we decided to make EV4 a separate project so everybody can step into EV4 whenever he/she feels ready. Can be now, can be in a year, all fine by us. 





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agree Rob, as I mentioned: don't give up, ; it's just I was totally fine with EV3 and just forgot to consider that we are still in beta mode and that development takes quite a time and effort! Keep on going ! ?

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