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Map Layer Page location and extra permanent button space needed problem

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Just thinking about the permanent buttons on the screen and better space and position for the 'Loc' button and also a 'Goto/Direct to' button that we don't yet have but still need(!) which to my mind are so very important and need to be quickly accessable.

With the above buttons in mind I would like to ask why is the Map Layer Page needed permanently on the main screen view? Why couldn't 'Map Layers' be somewhere in 'Ev4 Menus' to give more permanent and prominent button space for more important buttons like Loc and Goto/Direct?


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These kind of UI/UX discusions are always hard to do; there isn't a " right or wrong"  or "black and white". It's also not my expertice, but be assured we're constantly trying to improve this area but some things are just waiting still for a brain wave....;-)


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