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METAR/TAF: QNH in different units of pressure

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I aplogize upfront if this is a silly question, but being a somewhat new pilot I am wondering if it is possible at all to harmonize the units that are being used to report the QNH: we are finding a liberal mixture of "Q", "A" and "INS." Would it be possible to convert the informtion and make it a user-selectable unit?

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Stewart Buckingham
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Thanks for contacting us about this, Klaus.

In fact the unit for pressure (like most other units in EasyVFR) is already user-selectable.

Tap MENU (the square with the horizontal lines), then SYSTEM, then the second item on the list there is UNITS. Tap that and on the new list that appears, pressure is the 10th item listed. Tapping on it allows you to select between hectoPascales (the normal unit throughout Europe - this is the default selection when you install EasyVFR) and Inches of Mercury (used in the USA and occasionally elsewhere).

*NOTE* - the one place that changing settings will NOT change what you see on screen is in METARs. There we show the METAR *exactly* in the form the airfield published it because that conforms precisely to the international ICAO standard.

In particular, in a METAR, "Q1020" means a QNH of 1020 hectoPascales and A3011 means a setting of 30.11 inches of mercury. (In Europe, you WILL see METARs showing e.g. A3011 at USAF military airfields!) (See for a full explanation of METAR reports).

So I suspect that the only place you are seeing "Q" or "A" is in a METAR? If you see either in use anywhere else, it would be interesting to look into that, because EasyVFR should be using whatever unit you selected as the units setting EVERYWHERE that it displays pressure except in METARs. Can you please check which unit you have currently selected in the units settings screen, and, *without changing the setting there* give me any examples (ideally as screenshots) of screens (except in METARs) where you are seeing some different unit being used.


Best Regards

Stu B

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