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Question Possibly an issue with Gafor display

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When GAFOR is chosen as display option, it does not display, but greys out the map. When I switch on rain and pressure and then off again, the GAFOR coloring briefly appears, then disapears again. Then I switched off Terrain and GEo and then it appeared and stayed. Afterwards it was working fine, as it should. Mac-os and Iphone. The GIF shows how it looks before switching Terrain on and off. optimize


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Hi Kai,

Because the pressure and rain chart is only available every 6 hours and the GAFOR forecast every hour but only for the upcoming 3 hours you should carefully watch the time the weather representation is for. When activating the pressure and rain chart EV4 shifts the reference time to the first 6 hour timemark, often beyond the timewindow the GAFOR is forecasted for. I don't have an answer why you see it momentary, but lets check first the reference time is within the next 3 hours when you see the gray GAFOR forecast (gray gafor forecast means no data available)


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got it, I moved the flight plan to "now" and then it worked as it should



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