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Some Airport Plates are missing (FINLAND)

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Hi there! I dunno if this is a version (4.0.911) specific issue or what, but just noticed yesterday some Airport Plates are missing. They do not load even if the docs are reset and reloaded. Same deal for IOS, Android, and Windows versions.

For VFR flights in Finland, these three (3) charts are available by default for each airport:

- Visual Approach Chart (VAC),
- Landing Chart (LDG), and
- Aerodrome Chart (ADC)

These are now missing for EasyVFR4 (covers Finland only):

EFKU: LDG & VAC charts

EFOU: VAC chart

EFTP: LDG  chart


Could you please try to hunt them down? I'd like to use 'em, see ? 


Funny thing is these charts are available in ver 3...

PS thanks for the In map VFR Arrival and Departure routes feature introduced in .911. Cool and very handy feature, indeed!

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