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Question Synthetic Vision

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Hello, I am Irmin, I am new here. Did you ever think about SYNTHETIC VISION?

I am a very visual person, so I would appreciate such an implementation.

Hereby I am officially requesting it.

(I hope I will not virtually get killed for this request)


Blue skies,


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Stewart Buckingham
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No need to be fearful, Irmin, we don't kill anybody here these days!

In fact EasyVFR Version 3 has had a synthetic vision function for about the last 5 years! We were very pleased with it at the time, but over time users seemed to loose interest in it, perhaps regarding it more as a gimmick than as a really useful feature so we have not (yet, at least) made any effort to replicate it in Version 4. 

One limitation is that relatively few devices have gyros or any way to know the differences between the orientation of the device and the axes of the aircraft (i.e. if a device does have an internal gyro sensor, you don't want it to respond to the fact that you pick the device up from you lap and hold it in front of you, or to the movement of the stick/yoke if you have the device mounted there. etc) so to overcome these issues you need to make a lot of assumptions and simplifications that a proper panel-mounted synthetic vision display (once properly set up and calibrated!) does not have to worry about.

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