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Temporary ZRT and ZDT dispplay

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The active French temporary restricted areas (ZRT) and temporary dangerous areas (ZDT) published with geo-referenced coordinates in the French SUP AIP are not displayed on EV4. One can only see the published NOTAM referring to the SUP AIP website, but not the drawing of these areas.

On the picture below, you can compare an EV4 screenshot with a SDVfr screenshot for the same area.


I think it would be great that EV4 also displays these temporary areas.   

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Hello Alain

These ZRT/ZDT areas are very high on our list of enhancements. We are actively looking at automating the management of them. Some areas are only active for 1 or 2 days so we have to look closely as to how we manage those. 

However, in the meantime we are adding them manually as quickly as we are able. I think you will find many have been added when the next Aerodata cycle is released on Thursday this week.


Kindest regards


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