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WiFi to/from an AIRCRAFT profile?

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Didn't see a previous discussion on this so should there be one already, sorry about that.

This maybe is not on top of the priority list, but sharing an aircraft profile from one EasyVFR instance to another same way as Flight Route would be very handy. This would be especially handy for multi platform users; creating flight routes and aircraft profiles on, say desktop/laptop is a bit more convenient than on pad, but you still need that pad airborne. Came to think of this as I'm considering in coming multi platform user myself when ver 4 is out. Would not like to rewrite every aircraft profile  again on Win.

This feature might be useful for those EasyVFR users flying same airplanes when a profile created by one pilot could be easily shared with others flying same plane/planes. Of course the other guys should check the profile but still.



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Definitely a great idea, it has come to my mind also every now and then, but I keep forgetting it :headbang: I add it to the wishlist, see for upvoting

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