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Update [Sticky] EasyVFR 4.1 Public Release

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New tiers and plans, new countries


EasyVFR’s goal is to give both beginner and advanced pilots peace of mind when planning and navigating VFR adventures.


Would it not be great when all VFR pilots had easy and free access to essential and required information for pilots? Airspaces, navaids, obstacles, frequencies, NOTAMs, airport procedures, and affordable upgrades for those features that make your life even easier still?

We believe that you should not have to pay to know where the traffic lights are – Having easy access to reliable, essential, and official aviation information will make the GA safer.

As of today, EasyVFR 4.1 makes all that possible for all European VFR airspace users, by introducing a completely new licensing structure. 🎉


New tier – The essentials for free with affordable upgrades

Along with this update, we introduce a tiered structure for the EasyVFR 4 mobile app licenses. With these, EasyVFR 4’s reliable quality information and tools become accessible to and affordable for all European VFR airspace users. Bringing:

  • EasyVFR Essential >> Forever free.
  • EasyVFR Live
  • EasyVFR Pro
  • Monthly subscriptions for these tiers.

More about these new licenses during the coming weeks when we work on the new onboarding, documentation, public release, and press releases. Below is a summary of the new pricing and plans.

EasyVFR Essential (Forever free)

Essentially a better version of the VFR paper chart

  • Clean and up-to-date VFR chart for two countries in Europe of your own choice
  • METAR, TAF, and graphical NOTAMs,
  • Essential Route and Navigation tools
  • Airport procedures and frequencies
  • Paid access to commercial charts
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Desktop app (only for Essential and FFM tiers)

EasyVFR Live

Explore Europe with live traffic and SmartMap

EasyVFR Essential plus:

  • SmartMap, showing real-time active airspace activations
  • Traffic awareness via GDL90 and others
  • NOTAM filtering
  • Airspace Use Plan (AUP)
  • Airspace Activations
  • Unlimited active European countries
  • 2 devices

EasyVFR Pro and Frequent Flyer Membership

EasyVFR Pro
Everything in the EasyVFR toolbox for mobile use.

The successor of EasyVFR Standard, up to 3 devices. Existing Standard subscribers will remain on their pricing plan, but they will benefit from what comes with Pro.

Frequent Flyer Membership
The FFM license remains as it is. EasyVFR Pro plus: EasyVFR for Desktop (that’s macOS and Windows), flight plan filing, on all personal devices, and AeroData for your EFIS.


New countries and regions

Cyprus, South Africa, Madagascar, and Israel are now supported by EasyVFR 4. To download these, first, download all data (Status Dot -> Data -> AeroData, then [Update All Data]. Then, pan the map to bring the country into view and trap on it. A pop-up will ask to download data for the country you tapped on. Or go to EasyVFR 4 menu -> Download menu -> Country Select.

Wanna know which countries were already supported in EasyVFR 4? Per country, the maintenance level is listed. AeroData Availability and Coverage

Update to 4.1

To update EasyVFR 4 go to the iOS AppStore, Android Google Play app store or macOS M1 AppStore for iOS apps. Search for EasyVFR 4, or go to the knowledge base to be redirected to the app store download page. For Windows and macOS X and Catalina, the latest downloads are listed in our knowledge base.

New here? Let’s get started

✍️ Create your EasyVFR 4 account today and download the app. Create account

If you already happen to have an EasyVFR 3 Standard or Frequent Flyer Membership (FFM) license that you bought directly with us, it’ll work for EasyVFR 4 as well – no charge.

Download EasyVFR 4 and take it for a spin. Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to check back soon for even more great EasyVFR 4 features coming your way.

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