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EasyVFR 4 is getting ready for Europe...!

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EasyVFR4 15Jan2021


EasyVFR 4 is getting ready for Europe...!


Thousands of hours of coding, designing and redesigning, countless gallons of coffee ☕️, simulator- and live flight tests have lead to the inevitable: EasyVFR 4 is ready for release!

If you already happen to have an EasyVFR 3 FFM licence, it'll work for EasyVFR 4 as well - no charge. With a brand new map engine, brand new user interface, multi language support and a host of both familiar and new features, you'll be pleasantly surprised!
Next week EasyVFR 4 will hit the Stores.
We could never get this far without your help as beta tester. We really enjoy working with you guys. Your input is extremely important and we like to keep the beta testing workflow as we did in the first development stage.

We are currently working on a newsletter to you as beta testers with some extra insides on the roadmap and sharing our thoughts on how beta testing of EasyVFR 4 can look like in this new phase. Expected to send this Friday.

Part of the release workflow is that every public version that will be released to the app stores will be first tested as beta. Hence as a beta tester, you will always see before everyone else the new features and improvements. We are working on a function within EasyVFR 4 -> myEasyVFR where a user can opt-in for the beta testers program.

So stay tuned... ? 

Team EasyVFR 4
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Fantastisch app

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