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FLARM and EasyADBS not working

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Hello, I have self-built FLARM hardware device (EasyADBS) and I also created software emulator that sends FLARM NMEA data to EasyVFR 3. The hardware requires that EasyVFR 3 sends out its own GPS data on TCP IP port My software emulator does not require this GPS data and uses devices GPS directly.

I could not get the hardware working in EasyVFR 4. Most probably the reason is that there is no settings to share its own GPS data on Without that, the hardware EasyADBS gets stuck and does not send any FLARM data. It operates at By analyzing traffic, I can see that EasyVFR scans this address and probably 5 other adresses, but never gets response - because it does not share own GPS address.

Another problem is with my software emulator. It produces FLARM NMEA sentences at, but when I enter that setting into EasyVFR 4 and then check the communication, the EasyVFR 4 never listens on Why is that?

I think these two limitations against EasyVFR 3 reduce safety of your software and should be fixed.


Best regards, Jan

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Hi Jan,

The GPS output data is part of the autopilot output. There it is on the wishlist. You can upvote it here:




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