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Feedback Android menu touch sensitivity and display problems

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I've spent an awful lot of time today on 3 android tablets scrolling around the settings in EV4 and I keep making changes by mistake or coming across instances of the menu not be usable. I think that some changes could me made to prevent this from happening so have been making a list as I go along in the hope that it's helpful:

Airspace settings page, tapping the option box on the right often ends up changing the selection but not actually opening the box. e.g if it says "Info" and you just tap the word, it opens the box, changes to "Alert" and then closes again. It's possible to miss the change.

Airspace settings page - the drop-downs to the right are permitted to open up into the navigation bar at the bottom of an Android page. This puts the android back button right over the top of the option you might want to select. The same happens in the Info Fields settings page but this time it's the accept button conflicting with the android Home button.

Scrolling down the "aero data" and "Geo" lists and I keeping turning them on/off by mistake. Maybe make the text un-clickable?

Same goes for the screen lock option. I repeatedly end up attempting to scroll down the list but actually lock the screen by mistake.

Actually the last 2 are the common problem. The number of things I have turned on or off by mistake today is unbelievable.

It's worth mentioning that I've been using other apps in a similar way on these tablets today and not had the problem. For example scrolling through the filing system in X-plore does not select files by mistake.

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