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when the altitude chosen by EV needs to be edited, the complete keyboard pops up and often blocks the view of exactly the altitude in question.

It would be much nicer to have only a NUMERIC pad, and have that pop up at an offset position.

For some reason I can not drag the VPV line anymore. 

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Hi Leif,

Thank you for reporting. Is it possible that you have Rubberbanding by Tap & Hold enabled at EasyVFR 4 menu -> System? When this is enabled you also need to tap and hold the route lien in the Vertical Profile in order to change its altitude.

I agree that offering a numeric pad is indeed better for input fields that are numbers only. Like the altitude input field in the Route Planning menu. I know the devs looked into it a while ago and could not find a consistent method for all operating-system versions. But I will ask them to revisit it.



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