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Outdated approch plates listed in airfield info

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Dear fellows,

very nice to have the approch plates now in EV4 as well ? . Unfortunately outdated plates are shown as well. Is it possible to list latest plates only?

Many thanks for your great efforts moving EV4 on


Outdated EFB content
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Hi Ubi,

Thank you for this suggestion.

I'm not the AeroData expert of the team but my best guess on the reason these plates are listed is that they still exist in the AIP whiteout being labeled as 'has been updated'. So in order to filter them, we have to manually check every plate again. But perhaps our AeroData team already did that and it might be possible to build in a filter function.

So I listed your suggestion under "What still needs to be developed: Vote and help decide!" See

You can vote for it so it moves up in our development list. 



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Approach plate of ETSL also indicates old entry RP's, although GE MIL AIP already published new ones since closure of ETSA! Also valuable in EVFR 3!

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