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Vertical profile looks funny

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Planning a route from Lelystad to Texel and inserting a sort of arrival route, this is what I got in the vertical profile twice:

178694F6 8269 492E 839D 80520BB9006E





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IMG 0018

Mine does that too on ipad mini5


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These "weird' arrival profiles are 99 out of 100 times caused by planned altitudes that are not achievable with your current aircraft profile settings. When setting up a route to the arrival, make sure the planned altitudes for the various descend stages are correct and prevent you have to descent a few thousand feet during hte last 1 NM of your route. 

If you are convinced the planned altitudes are doable and EV4 still creates a wrong VPV profile, then please email a screenshot together with the route xml file to, that would be great for debugging then :thanks:



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