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[Closed] Windows version not native?

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The Windows version of EV4 looks and feels like an Android emulator on Windows. The look and feel are not native, and as a result don't work 'right'. An example is the fuzzy text fonts that make information hard to read. Playing with the readability options don't seem to improve much. It's the same fuzzy texts, only bigger or smaller. The top ruler (NM) looks horrible.

If the forum allows, here's a side-by-side screenshot of EV3 and EV4, same region: 


EV3 is much easier to read.

Suggestion: either a real Windows port, or a better Android emulator?

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Well, its definitely windows native ;-). But as with EV3, we keep 99% of the app functionality and code platform independant, meaning we rely totally on OpenGL and use as little as possible platform dependent stuff. EV3 is built using the same philosophy, in fact using the exact same tools.

However, the fonts used in EV4 are different then the ones used in EV3. Maybe that has something to do with it, lets see what @berndseeger has to say about it. I personally have no problem at all with the windows version, but I am biased of course 😉


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