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Under consideration Auto-zoom on approach to destination or waypoint


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Tittle explains it all. 


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Would be good on approach to destination but unnecessary on approach to waypoint - can't vote for one without the other - I'd personally rather not have it at all than have both.


Agree zoom on approach to destination would be the useful to me. Approach to waypoint not necessarily.


User configurable, please: YES (zoom) or NO (DON'T ZOOM) - per category: WP, airport ... or whatsoever.

Even better (yes, user are greedy): User-configurable zoom-levels dependant of distance (to wp) and/or speed and/or altitude.

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Automatic zoom on approach would be great, on WP not necessarily. On a ferry flight today I experienced when zooming manually a EDR disappeared all of a sudden. When zooming back showed up again after a while! ?

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Hmm, can you somehow reproduce it? It would be great to get an example; I suspect the pre-render filtering filters out that airspace because it thinks is not visible using the current camera settings ? 






I'll try Rob, but have to wait a while because our ac is in overhaul  right now!


Another definite yes for this at the destination airfield.  Probably best if you can select it as there will be mixed feelings about this I suspect.  A definite pain trying to do this manually in bumpy air in a flexwing with gloves on.  ? 

I must have missed this when it first appeared as I see it is quite old, but hopefully not forgotten.

I'm sure EV3 did this but then it could be my old brain playing tricks on me. ? 




Agreed; auto-zoom on approach to destination. Auto-zoom on approaching a WP is not what I need.

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