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Done Easy search function from out route planning window

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there needs to be an easy search function on the topmost UI level, preferably directly in the map.

kind of what the long-press used to be. 

the Menu -> Search -> tabbed interface is too indirect.

either put a question mark button somewhere on top or into the infowheel or long-press on something should open the search dialog.

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I agree, the search function in version 3.97, in the list of nearby locations, was well placed

It is (as the exit function) not intuitive to have to open a general options menu to search for a destination/waypoint

A search function in the Info wheel sounds right.


I agree. The search feature of EV3 was very handy.

I would recommend it is implemented into EV4 as well.


Most (but not all) search actions relate to construction of routes so there is logic in having a button to bring up the search dialogue from within the route-planning screen. Of course, that does not preclude it being available from other menus too!

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