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Height on the sea level of a clicked point

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I believe it could be useful, by clicking on a point, to have immediate information on the height of that point on the sea level and, perhaps, distance and radial of that point from the current position.

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Hi Fabriz,

I have moved your suggestion to this UpVotiong section. Although the elevation for airports is listed (see your image 330ft is the MSL of IBGRAZ), perhaps there are more users who think it can be useful for any item on that list to show some more context:

  • Elevation (AMSL);
  • Distance from the current position;
  • Radial from the current position.
Norbert Trenker 20 August 2019 19:46


Hi Tim, very good idea especially for VFR ops


Yes i missed this feature too, when flying in the mountains of Austria.
EasyVfr 3 has it.

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