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List of nearest Airfields and other AeroData/ waypoints

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This can be done in several ways to implement and use this. But the main idea is to be able to quickly access it during both the planning mode and Flight Mode. That it is a list of the nearest Airfield; VOR; IFR waypoint; VFR RepPoint; Places; User Objects. And having the options to direct-to, add to route, or explore (like on the bottom of the search screen).


One implementation method I can think of is that it works in the search screen itself. If there is no search queries given, that nearest are automatically listed.
An addition to that could be to show per record multiple columns: hight; distance; direction; (glide hight). And being able to sort on a column by tapping the columns name.

The method to open this nearest airfield/ waypoint window can, for example, be via the current search button in the EasyVFR 4 Menue. Or via another location like the in the Route Planning menu on the left of the Route Tools button.

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Hi Tim, I ' m convinced that as few menue items as possible  you have to tap on, the better for a qick reaction ability in flight!!

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