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Suggestion Provide a "home airport" configuration entry

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When I start eVFR and do a planning on my tablet, eVFR always centers the map on my current GPS position which is so far ok, but 30 kilometers away from my home airport. So I always first have to go to my home-airport manually which could be simplified with a "home" button which

  • a) centers the map at my home airport and
  • b) acts as an "always visible" entry in the "search" window.

This "always visible" home-airport entry could be offered as an additional widget in the title-bar of the search window (as opposed to an entry in the list of locations).

In my other proposal of the "Direct-To" feature, the button would thus appear automaticaly in the search-windows title bar and thus give quick access to the home-airport position.

However, "Direct-To" is in its functionality different from a "Center-On-Map" effect. For that reason, the "Home" widget in the title bar of the search window should be sensitive to the type of the touch: A standard-tap should trigger a "Direct-To", wheras a long press should just "Center-On-Map".

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Wound also like to have a home Button for my homebase and Route planning.My trip almost always starts at my home airfield. Thanks 


This would be good, or a "Favourites" list, into which you could put your commonly used airfields (in user selectable, not alphabetical/created order).  As proposed above, short or long clicks could act differently, as could a drag.


I agree, a home button would be a great option, open up at your sellected base to start the planning of the the trip

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