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Provide the same level of detail outside airfield circles as is within airfield circles

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circular areas around airfields currently provide much more geographical details then areas outside those circles. It is technically not too difficult to allow the user to download the same level of details for for example 5nm square area “tiles” 

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so you are talking about some "tiles of interest", but not about a "whole country" here?!

Rob Weijers Topic starter 18 February 2019 23:54

yep, correctly. A whole country would be a huge amount of data. 

Rob Weijers Topic starter 27 February 2019 18:08

no, a whole country - even a small one like Netherlands or luxembourg- would already take hundreds of megabytes of data. 



really low priority nice to have IMHO.

also, a natural candidate to be merged somehow with the user-managed EFB content feature. user could select an area and a hires EFB "tile" is then created.

also consider not just for airports but rather for arbitrary positions and user waypoints as well


Most of us have plenty of memory on our devices and even  multiple Gb's of data isn't a problem if downloaded once over wifi - the minimum level of mapping data should match the CAA quarter mil charts and I'd personally like to see much greater detail available for those that want it to a level of all roads / built up areas and features at least. It's so much better to know what you're flying over and what that village/feature/large country house is called is simply interesting. I know I'm not the only one that seeks that sort of level of detail when choosing their navigation app. One of the reasons I still maintain a Runway HD subscription is the ability to zoom in to Ordnance survey 1:50,000 scale mapping. 


Colin Hughes 18 May 2019 18:34

I have to agree with Russ, I would like to see the same level of detail as EV3.

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