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Done Smart Airspace Hide by AUP

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It would be great if EasyVFR could detect airspace status by parsing AUP/UUP data. Huge areas of countries like Poland or Czechia have military or other airpace which is sometimes active only for a few hours. Airspace can be also active in different vertical ranges depending on the time. It would be probably best to include this parsed information in the NOTAM section of the map for the user to confirm actual vertical limits. Otherwise airspace should be hidden if not active on a particular day. AUP for next day could also be incorporated for flight planning with a future departure time.

AUP Poland:

AUP Czechia:

Tim Peter 26 June 2020 16:15


Hi Milos,

We are proud to announce that EasyVFR 4 now has a full AUP implementation! Read more about it at:

Have a nice weekend.



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Hi Michal,

Welcome to the forum and thank you for this suggestion.
We are investigating this.



Just a small update, it looks like we can make some progress in this area 🙂


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