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Done Spot Elevations on the map

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display spot elevations 

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It would be very helpful to see the highest elevation of a sector on the map.
Like tapping on a peak and seeing the elevation...


I definitely agree that spot terrain heights should either be shown on the map or be able to be shown by pressing a button. So important in Mountainous or Hilly areas.



coming back from Venice today I chose waypoints on the direct line between LIPV and EDRY and used them for the FPL.

In the air I found out that I would have to overfly the highest peaks - which I didn't. At FL110 with some ups and downs due to Foehn I felt better flying the valleys.

Spot hights would have helped filing the FPL - I admit I did not carry paper maps.
(2 Dynons, one ipad, one Galaxy tablet and one iphone should be enough redundancy)

In flight artificial terrain did the job well - but I had to deviate from the planned track.

- > Please include the spot heights!






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Spot elevations are definitely going to be implemented, but I also would like to point out the currently already existing feature called “valley elevation”.  This feature is in layers->terrain, and colours the map using red/yellow as if you are flying on the selected altitude. For example having the Valley reference elevation set to 8500ft (my plane and I don’t make it higher ;-)) the route from LIPV to EDRY looks like this :

139CE238 8A3E 44E5 AE40 F6954ACC0EE7

until spot elevations are implemented this might be helpful maybe.




thanks for the hint.

I will use artificial terrain - with this feature spot heights are not really a must anymore.




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