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Download hangups 4.0.784

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after installing 4.0.784 I had a lot of problems during my 2 flights BE-GE and GE-B on aug 5th.

Before the start during flight planning with good WIFI: Hang-ups, I had to reboot my iPad Air 2 times. Downloading very slow (NOTAMS, weather). In 1e flight: no problems.

After landing:switching off: crash.( the old problem)

Preparing 2nd flight in GE: lots of problems during uploading, "synchronizing EVR cloud still in progress", hangs ups during downloading, crashes, rebooting iPad 3 times and after that s4.0.784 still not working.

In my opinion there is a serious problem in 4.0.784 when connected via WIFI to the internet. In general:very slow downloading even when glasfiber at home is used. When Internet is slower (as in GE): hang ups -> rebooting necessary. We tried via 4G/hotspot: little improvement. 

In the end I decided to use  "proven technology" EVFR 3.97 on my flight back, with no problems at all...

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Hi Marcel,

We are in a process to determine if an internet connection is reliable or not, and clearly 4.0.784 doesn't do a good job here since more people complain about it. 

4.789 is about to get released (this weekend), please give that a try then and let us know if that behaved better. 

For future developments like inflight weather, traffic & NOTAMS downloads its important to have a way to reliably detect if a connection is usable or not. Sorry for the troubles causing!

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