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How to display French special use airspace, e.g. T-AUBE?

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Vincent Fischer
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Does anyone know how to display this type of airspace on the map?

As an example, there is a military training area called AUBE from the surface to 500'AGL. It runs from the BRY VOR SE to Troyes, then NE past LFFN, then SE down to Chaumont, then SW down to roughly south of Troyes, then NW up to Joigny and finally closing the airspace near the BRY VOR. It has published activity windows.

I've tried different ways to get EasyVFR to display this airspace without success. Anyone have an idea what I'm missing or doing wrong? When I click within that airspace and select the airspace icon in the "wheel", it's not shown in the list.


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Hello Vince
We do not have this area in our database which is why you are not able to find it. As a rule we do not process airspaces with an upper limit of 500'AGL as there are so many areas which are specific to Drones/UAV. As you should not be flying below 500'AGL unless landing or take-off if we were to include everything the whole airspace would be very complex.
I would be interested as to where this area is officially published as I am unable to find it in the AIP.
Thank you.
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