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Question Planned air speed and forecasted wind speed

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I was playing with the route planning the other day (just with the Basic/Free edition) and saw that the app is predicting a flight time. I fly a microlight at 70-80kt IAS so the flight time made me chuckle - where can I set my planned air speed?

I appreciate that the free version doesn't have weather but is there a way I can input the expected headwind too and get an even more accurate estimate of flight time?

Bonus feature suggestion: estimated fuel consumption?

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Stewart Buckingham
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Can you please clarify whether you are using EasyVFR Basic UK (or EasyVFR Basic NL) - both of which are essentially cut-down free editions of EasyVFR 3.97, or whether you are using "EasyVFR4 Essential" which is the broadly comparable free tier of EasyVFR4. EasyVFR4 Essential allows you to choose or create an aircraft profile, and also takes account of the forecast wind, though you can also override the forecast wind if you want. These features, though, are not provided in EasyVFR Basic UK (or EasyVFR Basic NL). I strongly recommend that you explore using EasyVFR4 Essential rather than using the out-dated EasyVFR Basic UK (or EasyVFR Basic NL)

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