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Feedback Sound warning(s) are freaking me out.

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Hi EV team,

Today I did an flight EHTE - EHMZ -EHTE and did a full test of the audio funcionality.
I must admit this is really a great feature that works like a charme. I got many enroute sound warnings for various airspaces and the voice alerts are very clear and understandable. But.. there is one issue that I personally experienced multiple times.

The hearable sound(s) before any message are just nerve wrecking. During the flights I scared multiple times from the sound(s) that are given before the speaking warning message. Perhaps this was because it was all new, but after multiple times I though this is not cool. Also I noticed that not all sounds are equal in volume, although the speech is equal.

Perhaps it would be an option to let the user change or select the sound played before a spoken message in the user menu?


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Hi Christian, you can turn off the introductory alarm (the fire brigade sound) and/or  info chime (the more modest DingDong) using menu->Alarms and Warnings, option [Airspace Warning Sound]. If you turn that off, and  leave the options [Airspace Alerts] and [Airspace Information] in menu->Alarms and Warnings->Voice Settings on, then you will only get the voice information without the terrifying sound. 

The sound is specifically chosen to be heard when using a simple passive headset without any bluetooth 😉


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Hi Rob,

You just made my life a whole lot better 😉 Thank you for clarifying this matter.

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