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Update EasyVFR 4.0.962 Public Release

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Status Card, Route Legs, and Totals – The start of new design philosophy

Status Dot and Leg Labels


What’s new with version 4.0.962?

We are excited to announce a new update, which is the start of a new chapter in EasyVFR development. You will be happy to learn that in the coming months, we will focus on improving both the user interface and the usability of the core features of EasyVFR. This will eventually lead to some more exciting releases this Spring!

Interested in the entire list of new functionalities and improvements instead? Go to the full changelog.


Status Card

So what are we on about? As you are probably aware, giving you peace of mind is our primary company mission. To use an app as your navigation tool, you want to be sure that all boxes are checked and all the lights are green. And you want to be notified immediately if the reliability of the app has been impaired.

Until recently, this critical information was scattered around several menus in EasyVFR. Now with the new Status Card, you will find all those boxes to check, in one single place.
You open the Status Card by tapping the new Status Dot, which is permanently shown over the map, and has three statuses:

  • Green Checkmark: all ok.
  • Orange Circle: within margins, but something can be done.
  • Red Exclamation mark: alert, action is required.

From here, you can see in a glance what data needs to be updated, and you can initiate an update immediately. Furthermore, the status card is the easiest way to change the settings of each individual data component. So you can quickly take action without the need to browse to other menus.


Leg Labels

To increase your situational awareness we have also implemented route labels. They inform you about the leg direction, course, duration, distance, and altitude in the blink of an eye.
When flying, the estimated time to your next waypoint is based on your current ground speed. While the duration for the legs ahead is based on the planned values (your aircraft profile and wind) to create extremely accurate estimates.


Route Totals

When you are preparing or navigating a route, seeing at one glance the total duration and distance to fly can be very helpful. Therefore you will now find the new Route Totals displayed on your screen in a convenient place.

IMG 0519


User Interface and Experience

The structuring and styling of the Status Card, labels, and route totals are a big change from the other menus and tools within EasyVFR 4. It is more modern, streamlined, and user-friendly. With every upcoming update, another core feature or menu will get this same treatment and be lifted to the new design philosophy.


Other improvements in this update

In the below list you can find the other new tools and improved features, all on popular request by the community. Thank you all for your suggestions and feedback! Your input really helps us to prioritize development and to make EasyVFR 4 better every day.

Do you have something to share yourself? Feel free to start a new topic at the forum. We are looking forward to your thoughts on the new features and data types in this update.

  • Duration Unit: You can customize the unit per value at EasyVFR 4 menu -> System -> Units. For the leg and route total duration a new unit is added. Timespan Unit, which the options hh:mm, minutes and seconds.
  • Recenter and Compass Dot: The North-Up/Track-Up button and Vertical Profile button are refreshed.
  • Relative Terrain: Another useful improvement is in the Relative Terrain Colouring when flying in mountainous terrain. Now terrain between 0 and 700 ft below your current altitude is colored in gradient color from red to yellow with a bit of transparency. This way terrain that is above you stands out more with a dark solid red and are valleys easier to recognize.
  • Performance and Stability:  Loading of large routes is now faster and more stable. Several fixes and changes address several specific use cases.
  • Clean up:  To clean up the EasyVFR 4 menu. Every setting that is now accessible via the Status Card is removed from the EasyVFR 4 Menu: Download of individual data types; GPS Settings; Traffic (Electronic Conspicuity) Settings.

Curious to what will be next?

I hope you liked reading this blog post and that you can’t wait to update your EasyVFR 4 app! Currently, we are working on some exciting new features that will be implemented in next future releases. If you want to be one of the first to try them out, you can become a beta tester! Within ”My EasyVFR” you can select the option ”Participate as a beta tester” and off you go! All beta and public updates are published at the forum.

Update to 4.0.962

To update EasyVFR 4 go to the iOS AppStore, Android Google Play app store or macOS M1 AppStore for iOS apps. Search for EasyVFR 4, or go to the knowledge base to be redirected to the app store download page. For Windows and macOS X and Catalina, the latest downloads are listed in our knowledge base.

New here? Let’s get started

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If you already happen to have an EasyVFR 3 Standard or Frequent Flyer Membership (FFM) license that you bought directly with us, it’ll work for EasyVFR 4 as well – no charge.

? Download EasyVFR 4 and take it for a spin. Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to check back soon for even more great EasyVFR 4 features coming your way. ?

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