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Alert when over weight

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There needs to some kind of warning come up when weight or CofG is outside of limits (in the aircraft profile) It’s hard to see the line on the graph with sufficient accuracy.

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Not very easy, often there are multiple limits in one graph, for example normal, utility or Aerobatics use. 



understood. How about printing the limits under the sliders then? Just so that we can numerically see the current take off mass campared to the aircraft limit and not need to rely on looking at the graphs as it gets close to the limit


Ah! So the wish is to quickly check the T/O weight. We can do a grand total for all weights at the W&B page in the Aircraft settings, I guess that makes so much sense that I wonder why we didn't think of this before ~-). Its the page where the user sets the current weight value, so its a logical place. Just talking out loud, would it be handy to specify T/O weight also at the bottom of the flightplan page with the other grand totals? 



yes I think the total on both pages would be a good idea.

and if it's also possible to display the MAUM that would be great too. It's quite simple on the aircraft I attached as it only has 1 limit of 1089kg or 2400lbs but it would be harder for aircraft that have a variety of limits depending upon where the fuel is or phases of flight.

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