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Weight and CofG limits on trip kit

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It would be nice to have the aircraft weight and CofG limits printed on the trip kit load table to it’s clear we are within them.

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Hi Andrew,

Isn't this where the graph is for? The W&B graph in the tripkit gives the numbers you are referring to. 


Sorry no I meant the limits on the aircraft i.e. max and mins.

The trip kit gives the calculation table which is great but it does not have the limits of the aircraft i.e. on the attached the MAUM is 1089. It would be nice if it was on the table so that it is evidenced that my 1065 is within limits. This is particularly relevant when my total is actually more like 1088!

I realise that doing the same for the CofG might be a significant challenge.


I see what you mean, maybe together with the proposed displaying of grand total weight on the W&B page of the aircraft page we could also display the MAUM depending on the calculated CofG. Should be doable I guess depending on how the enveloppe points are defined. Let me play a bit with it. 



Thanks. On the old paper ones we use for audit purposes, they are pretty much the same as the trip kit print but with an extra line to show MAUM. On the excel version of the MB graphs, it has the limit printed for evidence purposes but it also flags up if the total is too much, or the seat limit is exceeded etc

I'll leave it with you

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