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Garmin Connext (Bluetooth connection to GTN and GNS panel navigators)

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Connext provides two-way flight plan updates and allows the tablet to use the (more accurate) panel GPS position data. 

ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot (of course) already have this.

It allows the tablet to operate like an MFD, fully integrated with the panel avionics.

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We try to get this arranged for more then three years now. Unfortunately Garmin is extremely picky on who they share the protocol with, and I guess Foreflight is the only one big enough to have a foot at the doorstepmat Garmin 🙁


I wonder whether a GA-friendly MEP would raise this with the European Commission as a competition issue? In theory Garmin is a “dominant supplier” and therefore bound by the EU treaties to offer the same access to everyone. A software developer could approach the Commission directly, but going through an MEP is going to get more attention.

I would offer to contact one of our (UK) MEPs, but there’s a bit of uncertainty at the moment. 🙁

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