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In progress GPS, Connectivity, Battery, Data status infobox

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It would be very nice, to have an infobox with the satelite-status. If GPS information is coming from internal GPS or external connected device as e.g. for my from my TRX1500 via AirConnect with writing something like "internal"/"external". And if available showing the number of received satelites in the moment.

Tim Peter 27 September 2019 11:24


Hi Astrid. Yes you are right. We need this. Our graphic designer is currently working on this. 🙂

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currently EV4 does not yet provide a warning when gps position is unreliable. 


If I could extend Astrid's request - "what would be worth having" in the already very useful EasyVfr 4 program with functions
DIRECT TO - landing airports with a full GPS description of the in-flight circle described by parameters read from GPS - distance DIS, 45 deg first turn, XTK 2nd turn (width of the circle corresponding to the XTK position with the wind), DIS III turn not to mention the last dream, i.e. the length of the approach, straight length.
Sometimes such data saves peace on board, especially in difficult conditions, which are not lacking. Sometimes, this need is caused by a traffic controller, who gives, for example, a command to lengthen or shorten the circle at a controlled airport.


I have a AT1 traffic device connected with WiFi and I can see the 4 triangles on the left upper corner. But when I switch the AT1 off the the triangles should disappear, but they stay there!

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Hi Christian,

That upperleft icon has a tripple purpose : First it tells what direction north is (the arrow), second it tells if EV4 is in trackup mode (a purple  is used) or in north-up mode (a blue arrow is used). 

The third purpose is to reset plane position to default. When you pan the map those four triangles appear, indicating you can tap the icon to recenter the plotplane to its default position. 

Note there is an infofield to use that tells if traffic data is coming in. Using menu->system->layout infofields you can add an infofield named "Electronic Conspicuity Device Status". When selected it tells the number of unfiltered traffic tagets are received the last 10 seconds. Its background is green when traffic data is received and switches to red if no traffic data is received over the last 10 seconds.

Foto 04 05 20 11 27 26




thank you for the instruction, that looks very good.
Will try this on my next flight.

just couldn't find the instruction to activate such an info field...

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