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Done Calculated plannend magnetic heading (MH) for current leg of route in InfoField

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I raised the issue of MH/MT a while ago. I like to fly Headings and not fly just GPS derived MT track crawl.

Presently I have MH ticked in 'units' but it still shows MT in any route I might plan. Surely now we have wind and direction shown MH should be shown. Or do I misunderstand something?

Am I doing something wrong, or need to change something somewhere?... Or is it a future intention to be able to plan/fly MH Magnetic Headings?


Tim Peter 27 September 2019 12:10


Hi Alan I have moved your request to this wishlist. Cheers, Tim

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The Magnetic Heading InfoField can be selected at [EasyVFR 4 Menu] -> [System] -> [Layout InfoFields]


Magnetic Heading is now always shown in the route list.

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