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Done Dataset is growing over the comming AIRAC cycles} Improved Fuel information for Airports

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Our AeroData contains a very detailed list of different fuel types available at airfields. Because of it's complexity we've not done anything with it yet, what is a shame. So we should use this information somehow, for example by using a red, blue and green dot on the moving map to indicate JetA1, 100LL or mogas is available. 

We've run around this subject mainly because we feel a bit uncertain how to group all the different fuel types into these three categories. Maybe we should just start with an initial grouping and see how that works out.


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Hi Rob, at least your idea with red,blue and green dots would give a good clue on what is available, although experience tells us that a final check with NOTAMs or airfield itself is adviceable! regards


Anyone noticed the recent fuel-availability information added to EV4 in the EFB summary window and QuickInfo Airfield info? 

Germany is almost complete (update aerodata every now and then to get the most recent version), other countries are beeing worked on. 


of course I noticed.   Looks good !  Where shall we send amendments to the database?  EDFO offers Mogas, which is not listed.

Tim Peter 21 Januar 2020 16:25


Hi Leif,

For now, we only add AIP maintained Fuel information.

For EDFO the AIP AD 2-69 only mentions 100 LL. So I have requested EDFO to clarify the status and availability of the Mogas fuel type at their airfield, and if possible, to add it to the AIP.





last week i have been in Ferrara LIPF and there ist an AVGAS-Station and EV4 showes that. But unfortunately AVGAS ist only for local Members and that is also mentioned in the AIP.

We had always fly to LIKO Ozzano to refuel.

Could you please remark this information too?





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