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Suggestion Show "gliding area" on moving map

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A "gliding area" which indicates the gliding range without motor. This "circle" (it is not a "circle" as it should of course be calculated depending on AGL and wind) should be visible in flight. It should be possible to switch the visiblitiy of this feature on and off.

The "Circle" calculation should as well be considering the "best gliding angle" of the active aircraft.

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This would be a very good feature of the new app. I really believe that we should have it.


Nice to hear that.


A vote might help 🙂


Exist on SkyDsemon, i agree this is very helpfull


Great suggestion and it is actually, as a glider pilot, on top of my personal wishlist! It is not going to be included before the public release of EasyVFR 4.0. However, after that, I am really looking forward to work on this. ? 

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